Arrrghh, Why Am I Like This Wintertime? Lazy!

“Each one of us has a comfort zone. The problem comes when we are unwilling to leave it.” The couch and a warm blanket are my comfort zone, and I do not wish to leave them. Winter is a constant test of my decisiveness to always stay on top of my fitness goals. I struggle every time and perform at my lowest, sometimes no time at all. It is cold outside, and does not want to be out there, nope. I just want to be warm and cozy.

I often wonder if most people feel that way, especially those who exercise outdoors. Could it be because I am a very tropical and sunshiny country product, and my body just cannot withstand the coldness? Who knows, but it sounds like an excuse when I say it aloud. Many of you might be wondering why not go to the gym, and yes, that is always an option. Still, there is something unique about exercising in the open fresh air and otherwise warm sun. It is healthful for the body. Additionally, it is free of cost.

Every year the season approaches, I begin to tell myself that I can do this, and indeed, I will for a while, then I start to miss a day, or two, maybe three and sometimes a week. I wanted a solution because this is not beneficial to me healthwise. So this season, I decided that instead of going out a minimum of five days per week, I would go out three days and do an extra workout at home. Sounded like a great plan that was sure to work but unfortunately, I am still slacking off.

I now realize that it is not just my unwillingness to run outside on a cold day, but I simply just want to hibernate for the season. I do not want to work out inside or out. I am just a lazy bug throughout the season, and I need to get myself together somehow.

Do you struggle to keep working out in the cold season? How do you stay motivated?

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