Pretty Itchy Spring/Natural Remedies for Allergy

Spring is a beautiful and great time to be outdoors. Unfortunately for some, it can be a nightmare because of their allergy. I hope this post will give you some relief or completely alleviate your allergy troubles. Stay bless.

Itz Holistically Wholesome

Spring has sprung indeed! And there is so much beauty to behold throughout the season. Such as the fresh morning air, the flowering plants, the joyful singing of the birds in the trees, the squirrels as they scamper about the ground looking for food, the pelting rain on the gloomiest of days, and the warm sunshine that brightens our days…….creation, is it not a great wonder? It almost seems magical when you think about it; things that once seemed so lifeless suddenly sprung to life, and the dullness that confronted us throughout the long winter slowly dissipate, and all that surrounds us are bright rays.

For some of us, being outdoor during this time is an absolute adventure. We are excited to attend to our various projects such as preparing our gardens, visiting the parks, and getting in shape or shedding a few pounds in anticipation of the long summer…

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