Pretty Itchy Spring/Natural Remedies for Allergy

Spring is a beautiful and great time to be outdoors. Unfortunately for some, it can be a nightmare because of their allergy. I hope this post will give you some relief or completely alleviate your allergy troubles. Stay bless.

Itz Holistically Wholesome

Spring has sprung indeed! And there is so much beauty to behold throughout the season. Such as the fresh morning air, the flowering plants, the joyful singing of the birds in the trees, the squirrels as they scamper about the ground looking for food, the pelting rain on the gloomiest of days, and the warm sunshine that brightens our days…….creation, is it not a great wonder? It almost seems magical when you think about it; things that once seemed so lifeless suddenly sprung to life, and the dullness that confronted us throughout the long winter slowly dissipate, and all that surrounds us are bright rays.

For some of us, being outdoor during this time is an absolute adventure. We are excited to attend to our various projects such as preparing our gardens, visiting the parks, and getting in shape or shedding a few pounds in anticipation of the long summer…

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Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!

I came across a video on Facebook that I attached a link below for you to watch. In this video, Robert Hampton speaks about how he found out that he had stomach cancer and subsequently underwent surgery to remove his entire stomach. This disease runs in his family and has already taken the life of his mom and sister. He is not currently leading a plant-based lifestyle, and this video will show that. I want to clarify that even though this page embraces and encourages an entirely plant-based lifestyle, I believe that what he had to say is far more critical and can benefit all of us. Focus on the message. He also shares the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and tries to spread awareness so that we all can clean up our acts before it is too late.

We live in a society that has an abundant supply of food and mass promotions that embraces over-eating and unhealthy indulgences. Moreover, access to technology has made these harmful practices a global problem. Even countries developed or undeveloped is drawn into this crazy lifestyle and have begun to step away from eating predominately healthy foods. So now we have a global problem of health.

The United States is viewed by many as the land of the plenty. There is so much accessible to us that we over-indulge in almost everything, and in most cases, it is things that are not good for us. In recent times, there have been talks about a possible food crisis. Interestingly, many of us cannot wrap our heads around this notion because we still see so much eat and have so much in our lives. We have become indisciplined and out of control; therefore, we eat whatever we want; however, we choose until our bodies become so toxic. Then, a health issue or complication arises, leaving us with a dilemma. This access to excess is shortening our lives and our families, and it is time for us to WAKE UP!!!!

We are in a crisis as the health of so many is compromised due to unhealthy indulgence and misinformation. I agree that it can be somewhat nerve-racking as some people claiming to be experts in their field tell us to eat well, exercise, get proper rest, etc. But, on the other hand, we are told that we can eat whatever we want, we do not have to exercise, and still be healthy. All we have to do is take a particular pill or embark on a fad diet. And because we like the easy road, we, of course, chose the latter.

However, the reality is that “Our Health Matters!” How and what we eat plays a significant role in our lives; there is no going around that. Have you ever heard the term “garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)? I learned this term years ago when being introduced to computers for the first time, and it could not be more accurate. Our bodies are the same way, so if you make it your goal to feed your body with nutritious food and exercise regularly, you will reap positive results.
On the contrary, you will ultimately get negative results if you choose not to. I used the word ‘ultimately’ because many of us will not get sick instantly. Sickness and disease, at times, take a while to develop after constant abuse of our bodies. As a result, many of us feel that we are well and, therefore, there is no need to do better. So, we tell ourselves, why change anything when I feel fantastic? Life is good, and I am happy. But, unfortunately, as we get older, our body’s cleansing and defense machinery ages as well. It becomes overworked and cannot protect us anymore; after many years of consistent abuse, it stops working, resulting in sickness. Now your medication is your food!

We need to do our regular physicals with our doctors to know our current state of health. We know our family history and can trace the history of sicknesses and diseases plaguing our family members for generations. And if one does not know what they might be predisposed to, a health provider will have the ability to tell you through routine testing. Once we have this knowledge, the onus is on us to take the necessary corrective measures to prevent this sickness from manifesting in our future.

Our health is our wealth, and the sooner we believe that and begin to do right for ourselves, the better. Our number one priority is to eradicate or prevent diseases in our families. We can ensure this when we take care of our bodies and eat a diet filled with whole and nutritious foods; this is a step in the right direction. Our children’s future depends on it, and we must teach them to make healthier choices in every aspect of their lives. Another way is to live by example; children live what they learn. Do not wait for the worst to happen before deciding to make a change. Do not try to convince yourself that this or that will not happen to you. Instead, take charge of your health today to live a long, happy, and disease-free life.

Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!

Let your food be your medicine!

Click here to watch Robert Hampton’s Video

Rice & Peas With Barbecue Cauliflower Chick’N

After a few months of being unable to eat or drink much of anything due to horrible pregnancy symptoms that I was experiencing, I was ready to have some of my favorite meals. First on the list was homemade rice and peas with barbecued cauliflower. Might I add that everyone loves a good, hearty, and sumptuous meal, and it is no different for those living a plant-based or vegan lifestyle? I, for one, do not sit around eating only raw fruits and vegetables all day, every day, and not that anything is wrong with doing that. I am from the island, and therefore I enjoy a variety of flavors and delicious cuisines. I generally incorporate similar flavors in my plant-based meals with a few adjustments.

Cauliflower has become one of the most used vegetables, I believe. It is just so much you can do with it, such as cauliflower rice, cauliflower fried chick’n (I will attach a past post of this below), cauliflower buffalo wild wings, popcorn cauliflower, and this right here barbecued cauliflower, yummy. If you imagined it, cauliflower might bring it to life deliciously and tantalizingly. I apologize for not posting a detailed recipe; I am not the best at that because I cook without measuring. I would say, “mi jus dash food in a pot and cook in my local dialect.” I can guarantee, however, that the taste is fantastic. Let’s continue.

First, I washed, cut, and soaked two medium heads of cauliflower in salt water for 30 minutes, then drained and seasoned. You can use your favorite seasons in your kitchen, For example, fresh onions, garlic, scallion, thyme, and pimento (all spices) and pepper(optional). Next, add powdered seasonings such as all-purpose, garlic, and onion. Blending all of these will allow the cauliflower to soak up the flavors nicely. Since these powdered seasons contain salt, add extra salt only if you have not achieved your desired taste. After, cover and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. The longer, the better, I believe. Next, prepare your mixture, one dry and one wet. Add unsweetened almond milk, flower, and a little salt and seasoning for the wet. It should be almost like a batter when done, not too thick and not too thin. Next, mix the dry ingredients using flour, baking powder (aluminum free), salt, and powdered seasoning. Next, place a frying pan or pot with oil on the stove and allow it to be hot. Begin to coat your cauliflower by placing it in the wet mixture first, then the dry. Place in oil and fry until nicely browned. Repeat this method until you have fried all your cauliflower. Please feel free to go for it if you can pull it off with an air fryer. My air fryer is way too small, but I plan to try that method soon.

Finished result. Who needs chicken when there is cauliflower barbequed chick’n?

Almost there, I promised; barbequing your cauliflower is the final step—Preheat the oven to no higher than 350 degrees. Next, prepare barbeque sauce in a bowl; I like to add some ketchup, sugar, a little soy sauce, and a pinch of cayenne pepper (optional) and simmer on the stovetop for a while, but this is optional. Next, dip cauliflower into barbecue sauce until completely coated, then place in baking dish. Put into oven for 5-10 minutes until you see that nice, rich barbecued color, then remove.

Rice and beans (rice and peas) are a popular dish in my Jamaican culture. You will find this in many households, especially on Sundays. And suppose you should visit any authentic Jamaican restaurant; rice and peas will be on the menu every day, whether in Jamaica or here in the United States. I wish to add also that rice and beans are said to be a complete meal by themselves. The most commonly used legumes for this meal are red bean or green, or dried gungo peas (pigeon peas). However, I used a mixture of red beans and dried gungo peas (pigeons) for this dish.

Rice & Peas With Barbecue Cauliflower Chick’N

Rice and peas are not complete or satisfying unless it contains coconut milk. So, of course, I added coconut milk, fresh herbs (scallion and thyme), salt, and a bit of spice and seasoning, then taste. Generally, added to this traditional dish is a whole scotch bonnet pepper. Still, I chose not to because I suffered from heartburn during this pregnancy. Once I finished cooking the peas (you can test this by squeezing between your fingers or pressing with a fork) and was satisfied with the flavor after tasting it, I added rice and allowed it to cook on medium heat and then low heat to let it steam well.

This meal is a must try, and as my daughter would say, “it was bussing.” In other words, it was delicious and mouthwatering.

Please leave a comment and share.

-God bless.

Seven Biblical Verses For All Mothers

Seven Biblical Verses For All Mothers

 Proverbs 31:28: “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.”

Psalm 127:3: “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward..”

Luke 2:51: “ And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart..”

Proverbs 31:15 “She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.”

Deuteronomy 6:6–7: “And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.”

Genesis 3:20: “And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.”

Luke 1:42: “And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb!”

May you be blessed today and for the rest of your lives.



I love springtime because it culminates the long, cold, and lonely winter season. After spending so much time indoors and daring not to venture outdoors without layers of clothes and a heavy coat, I can now shed these layers daily for something more light and comfortable. I can take long leisurely walks in the park, breathe in that cool air, and admire nature in all its beauty.

Spring gives me so much hope and takes all my laziness away. I can now spend time doing one of the things I love most: planting my little garden and watching as it grows. Somehow my creativity also seems to flow. And though a poet, I am not a poem I managed to compose.

This is one of the first pictures that I took as the trees began to come to life. These trees in this section of our community park always bloom first. If you could look just behind them, you will see signs of the effect of winter still.

Spring is in the air;
There is so much beauty everywhere.
From the cold, listless, gloomy season, atlas’s new life appears.
Spring is in the air; watch the flowers as they bloom
red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, and purple too,
Hmm, the atmosphere they do perfume.

Here the flowers are changing from beautiful white to a bright pink/purple color.

Spring is in the air; see the wildlife come to view
Birds, bees, and butterflies are busy doing what they do.

How beautiful they appear.

Spring is in the air,
showers of blessings the heaven’s rain,
moistening and watering mother earth,
So her bounty of food she can prepare.
Spring is in the air,
So much sunshine she brings,
melting all hurt and pain away
and now our hearts are filled with love and cheer.

Spring, spring Spontaneous Spring
oh, how you make me sing
with a joyful heart, I welcome you.

My son enjoys being outdoors on a lovely day. He was especially happy to find an egg along the side of the pond.

Please feel free to leave feedback and pictures of how spring looks in your neck of the woods.

                            -God bless.

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Happy Tuesday, beloved. It is such a blessing to be among the living and share my thoughts on this platform with you. Itz Holistically Wholesome means so much to me, and I appreciate you. This post is quite random, but a recent video on Whatsapp of a girl who took her own life compelled me to write this post. I hope that if someone is contemplating suicide, they will see that it is not the solution and for the rest of us to become more mindful of others around us, many of whom may be suffering in silence. 

Life is not always easy, and sometimes we are confronted with challenges that seem way too difficult for us to bear. During these moments, when we are at our weakest, our minds sometimes tell us to give up and that no one cares about our sufferings. Our plight at the time seemed most grievous and insurmountable. It is like having an enemy giant standing firmly in our way, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot seem to overcome it. Moment by moment, we continue to be kicked, ridiculed and pressed down until our strength begins to fade. In these instances of confusion, depression, desperation, and loneliness, we struggle to make it through each day, most time hanging by a thread. But, It does not matter how we manage to hold on until we have regained enough strength to make it through. The important thing is that we made it, and we are better and stronger. Once the storm has passed, and we take a minute to look back, that giant seems ridiculously small and conquerable. And to think, we almost gave up and ended it all.

So if you are at your lowest point currently and feel like giving up, I want to remind you that:

  1. You are Not Alone – It is so easy to feel alone in difficult times. I certainly have on felt that way on numerous occasions. The reality, though, is that you are not alone ever. The bible states, “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest” (Joshua 1:9). God is always there even when you cannot feel him or seem dark. He will never leave or forsake. Also, you may be thinking, why me? Why is my life so difficult? But there is always someone else going through something, and we do not realize it because they do such an excellent job of hiding it. Listen, there comes a time when you have to recognize that your circumstance is too extraordinary for you to handle alone and seek help. We have one chance at life on this planet, and we must aim to preserve it for as long as we can and as long as the good Lord allow. We cannot afford to let pride, the fear of being viewed as a failure, or gossip prevent us from reaching out for help. As I often say, there is no shame in the game when it comes to my life. Do not suffer in silence, and please tell someone!
  2. You are Loved – Do not allow your mind to think for a second that no one cares. And if you somehow managed to feel that way, listen to me; IT IS A LIE!!!! I know that not everyone believes in Christ, but I want you to know that our minds will play tricks on us in our moments of despair. The enemy of our soul wants us to think that no one loves or cares for us. However, our Creator God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, loves us with an everlasting love. No matter what you do, that will never change. You are unique and valuable to Him; He made you. Also, your family and friends love you more than you know. Yes, you may have your differences, but their love for you remains the same, so do not be afraid to lean on them. I have also heard too many victims express that no one loves or cares for them; hence, killing themselves is best. They even think that no one will cry or miss them when they are gone. LIES AGAIN!!! Often, we become withdrawn and isolate ourselves from others when facing challenges. Then our mind is so confused that we think others have forsaken us. Other times, we feel hurt when that one person we want so much to love and care for us does not love us, and so we resort to speaking general terms that “nobody loves me.” Of course, not everyone will love you, and that is alright. However, it is crucial that you love yourself and know that the right persons to love and care for you will love you beyond measure no matter what and would not want to live without you because you ended your life prematurely. Beloved, your family and friends will be left hurt and broken without you. 
  3. You are strong enough to Overcome – Along this exciting journey called life, troubles will come, but most importantly, they do not always last. We can overcome every situation in our lives, even though sometimes, it may take longer than we would like. Success will come if we can hold on, keep our heads above water, and seek the support of others. The bible tells us, “there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it” (1 Corinthian 10:13). This scripture reassures us that we can get through tough times and that there is always a way, even when it does not seem clear. If we could learn to take things one day at a time, we would find the strength to make it through or cope in whatever circumstance. Let us try to view trials, hardship, and sickness as our opportunity to see what we are made of. We all have a strong and determined warrior inside who can conquer any giant or tear down any roadblock that threatens our very happiness and existence. We can, and we must prevail.

I must reiterate that you are not alone; you are loved, and others care about you. You are strong enough to overcome, so keep fighting because your life is meaningful, and you have a purpose. Get help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number and talking to a trusted family member or friend. Sometimes, bearing your guts to a stranger on the street also helps. Suicide is not the answer.

For the rest of us, it is necessary to:

1. Observe with careful eyes those around us. So often, there are signs, but we fail to see them.

2. Take the time to love and appreciate others and let them know how much you care and will always be there for them. 

3. Be especially mindful of how you treat others. Not all of us are equally strong mentally. Many are fragile and depends on the kindness and support of others to get by. 

4. Watch your words because that one negative comment may be the breaking point for others. Be kind and supportive.

5. Always check to see how your loved ones are doing. If someone you know suddenly begins to look depressed and isolate themselves from others, visit them. Reassure them that they have a friend in you or advise them to get help. 

Let us be our brothers and sister keepers.

-Please feel free to leave your feedback; God bless.

A Snowstorm For Spring Break

With much anticipation, I counted down the days for my daughter Aliyah to be on Spring break. We planned to visit family in the upstate area, and I thought it nice to get out and enjoy the pleasant country air. If you know of New York, you know how huge a state is. Therefore, it would take us approximately four and a half hours to get there, providing that there was no traffic and we made no stops along the way.

My daughter had checked the weather for that week, and it promised to be friendly except for a few days of rain. We were looking forward to an excellent quiet time in the country. I especially wanted to go sightseeing and learn about the surrounding towns and counties.

On Friday, April 15, 2022, We loaded up the car and set out on our journey. The weather was lovely; Mr. Sun came out in all his glory. People were out in their numbers to enjoy the nice and friendly climate. Families headed to the parks, and the little children looked delighted to be outside in the warm sun.

There was a lot of traffic on the road, and of course, we stopped at a roti shop in the Bronx to purchase pholourie, doubles, and aloo-pie (Trinidadian food). We then drove to the Jamaican restaurant, where we bought several vegetable Patties. That kept us for the entire journey.

We arrived at our destination around 10 pm. As forecasted, it rained all day Sabbath morning (Saturday) and for most of the day, so we stayed inside. Sunday was pretty nice, but the ground was muddy and wet. We could not do much outside.

We later learned that there would be a snowstorm on the night of Monday, April 18, 2022. I was in disbelief and figured that he might not be as bad as predicted. After all, it was almost the end of April, so how bad could it be. However, we decided to stock up on food just in case.

Late Monday evening, we made our way to the store. The trip took longer than planned but we managed to get all that we needed. When we were heading back to the house, the snow begun to fall, and it was very dark outside.

We got home, quickly emptied the car, and relaxed for the rest of the night. I still did not think it would be a lot of snow because it was near midnight, and there were no signs of it sticking to the ground.

How it started.

I must have fallen asleep soon after. In the morning, hubby told me that the electricity was out around 2 am. When I got up to looked out the window, I was shocked. Everything was white, the trees were heavily laden with snow, and a few had succumbed to the weight and fell to the ground. A branch from a huge tree fell on top of the vehicle. Thankfully the damage was minimal.

There was so much snow on the ground, about 12-14 inches. I could not believe my eyes, and I felt a bit silly for not heading the warnings by preparing for the worst while expecting the best. 

That’s my sister-in-law’s dog Edo.

Beloved, it is wise to be ye prepared and in a state of readiness. 

My son and his grandmother were excited about the snow. He had a blast playing around and getting wet from rolling in the snow. The rest of us thought that this was the most bizarre thing; but I must admit that the scenery was stunning to see.

Everyone went outside to look around when we found out that a huge tree had fallen and blocked the property entrance. We could only leave on foot because our vehicles could not pass. Hubby decided to clear the pathway using his sister’s saw, but it broke; mercy!

May the Lord bless the works of thy hand.

So here we were with no electricity, running water, internet, uncharged cellphones, and no means of leaving unless we planned to walk.

We were not worried, though, because we had plenty of food, drinking water, a lamp, solar and battery-operated lights, and a wood-burning stove to keep us warm and toasty. We cooked our meals outside using a stove and propane. My daughter was the chef, and she loved it.

We could not take a bath but had enough water to wash up and stay clean. There was water at a nearby stream if we were to ran out.

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring,
    and my blessing on your descendants.” Isaiah 44:3

Around day two, a neighbor came by and asked if we needed help. Luckily she had working saws which she gave hubby to cut the trees. She was most kind and helpful. We went to her property next, and she introduced us to her animals. She had a mule, several donkeys, and three dogs. My son even got to sit on one of them while we petted others. 

“No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.” 1st Corinthians 10:24

Another neighbor told us that it was unusual for it to snow so much in April. I guess nature wanted to give us an experience.

The roads were now accessible, and because we could drive off the property, we went to a nearby town to access the internet and charge our phones. I was sure to make good use of the bathroom in Home Depot, if you catch my drift.

On Thursday, three days after the storm, the electricity was restored. I had the best shower ever that day. 

On Sabbath, we visited Elmira SDA church which was an hour and a half away. We met some beautiful people, including the pastor, his wife, and children. They had a health presentation and a social in the afternoon, and of course, we stayed and enjoyed the company of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was happy that we were able to experience this. We have experience many snow storm but have never lost the use of basic amenities. It is essential to learn survival skills so that if we lose the conveniences that we now enjoy, we can keep it together and survive. My kids did great, and I could not be more proud. 

Growing up in Jamaica, West Indies, in the countryside, I have gone days, if not weeks, without amenities such as water, electricity, and internet whenever there was a storm, hurricane or heavy rain. In fact, in my earlier years, this was the norm as most rural homes did not have these conveniences. Now that I have experienced this in the cold season, I feel more ready to take on the unexpected if it should come to that.

Just as the snow came, it vanished as if nothing had happened. Mother Nature is a mystery.

After a long yet fulfilling week, we headed home on the afternoon of Sunday, April 24th. Like the day we left home, the weather was beautiful going back. Father God, I love you, oh. The sun felt like it was summer already. We were fortunate to see a couple of alpacas on our way, and we were so excited.

Please forgive my husband’s confusion…haha!

There is so much more to see and experience once you go out to the country, so do not be afraid to venture out.

Ps. We saw a small fox as well.

Did it snow in your area for the month of April as well? Please leave a comment.

WOWZA! A BUN IS IN THE OVEN…will be ready…September 2022

Hi there everyone!!!!!

Thanks so much for supporting although it has been quiet here on WordPress, I genuinely appreciate it.

As you may have noticed, I have been missing in action; however, it was never my plan to be gone for so long, but I was ridiculously sick for a while as God knitted inside my innermost parts, His beautiful masterpiece.

I have a secret that I have been keeping for the past few months that I am excited to tell you all. I am so happy to announce that I am pregnant; yes, you read correctly, a baby is in the oven and will be fully baked and ready to grace this world in September 2022.

Nature has a way of invigorating you even on the gloomiest of days. “You are worthy our Lord and God to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created” (Revelation 4:11).

The news of my pregnancy was not a surprise as my husband and I was intentional about having another child. On the other hand, my daughter is extremely excited about becoming a bigger sister. However, my son was not thrilled about a new baby initially. He was distraught. He told us that he was the only baby allowed in the house and that there was no room for anyone else. “I am the only baby!” he screamed. It did not take long for him to come around. Now he has become very protective of the baby and me. He tells everyone that his mommy is having a baby for him. Every day, he gives me endless kisses, belly rubs, back rubs, especially I love you’s. My heart melts every time he places his mouth on my belly to speak to the baby. He promises to take him or her to the beach, aww! He was also adamant about wanting a brother, but lately, he has been saying that he will love the baby, whether it is a boy or a girl. My little Jedidiah is the sweetest big brother.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork (Psalm 19:1).

This week I will be 22 weeks pregnant. The first few months of being pregnant have been a rough roller-coaster ride. I thought that I would be able to tough it out and blog as per usual, but I had no energy. While I am very much thankful for the blessing of another child and a subsequent expansion of my family, I must say that I suffered a great deal from morning sickness. Although I am still uncertain who came up with the term “morning sickness” in my mind, this could not be farther from the truth and is therefore very misleading. “Twenty-four hours sickness” seems like a more fitting term because I was sick night and day. I had nausea, vomiting, headache, backache, heartburn, and stomach ache, you name it. It was so bad that I could not do much of anything; everything halted. Hubby described me as being a ” total vegetable.” I was severely weak, dehydrated, and even lost weight from the constant vomiting. My OBGYN became concerned about me ending up in the Emergency Room but thankfully, it did not get to that.

I was utterly miserable; on some days, I was reduced to tears while I prayed for the time to pass so that I could feel better. Week 16 was my rainbow period, or so I thought. For some reason, I was hopeful that I would feel well again by then, but I was in for a surprise because I did not receive much relief until about week 18 of my pregnancy; hooray, hallelujah!

I feel fantastic most days except for backache and the occasional yucky taste in my mouth. I also run out of breath quickly; this bothers me greatly. Before pregnancy, I could run up to 10 miles, and now I cannot seem to take ten steps without gasping for a breath.

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well (Psalm 139:14).

I now have my energy back, and I am elated. I can now take care of my family and especially my son. I can cook healthy meals for them, care for our home, catch up on the long-overdue task, tend to my garden and plants, take walks, and exercise again. Things are looking up.

I am making sure that I get back to blogging. I will also be making a few changes as I incorporate an aspect of motherhood as a part of my content. This pregnancy is my third, and I feel this is an excellent place to start. There is a lot of catching up to do, and you can be sure that I will be sharing updates on this journey with you.

Blessed shall be the fruit of your womb…….(Deuteronomy 28:4).

-please leave a comment below. God bless.

Six Top Reasons Why You Should Drink Fresh Pineapple Juice

It is a new year, and I am so delighted that God has blessed all of us with the gift of life and health. Since this is my first post for 2022, I wanted to ensure that I kick off with something of great value. Indeed, we have a lot that we are looking forward to happening in our lives, and we are confident it will be productive and successful. So let me take this time to thank God that hope is still alive, and I pray against COVID or any other virus or disease that threatens to disrupt our life, health, and peace. Yes, I am speaking it into being. After all, the bible tells us that ” if we ask anything in His name, He will do it” John 14:14.

Now we all know that God is always ready and willing to grant us our desires, but we must also play our part. So I want all of you to put your shoulders to the wheel and do what you can to make your goals a reality. I am calling you to action. And one way to do this is to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Make better food choices and start exercising. Take mental health breaks and break free from toxic situations. For starters, drinking fresh juice is a great way to begin. And this is why I want to share with you six reasons you should consume fresh pineapple juice.

Pineapples are grown globally in warm climates. Thailand is said to be the primary producer. I refer to it as the sunshine fruit because of its bright yellow color and delicious taste, and I sure ate this fruit in abundance growing up in Jamaica. 

It would be best if you drank pineapple Juice because:

  1. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, it contains “the only significant dietary source of bromelain, which is an enzyme used for centuries to treat ailments.”
  2. Pineapples are naturally sweet and do not require any added sugar. As a result, tons of nutrients are in a single serving.
  3. It is easy to make at home. All you have to do is wash, peel and toss in your juice, and it will be ready to drink within minutes.
  4. Pineapples contain antioxidants that promote healthy skin, heal wounds, and prevent premature aging of the skin. Hooray to healthier and younger-looking skin.
  5. It is anti-inflammatory and can help to relieve symptoms of cold and allergies.
  6. Pineapple juice helps to break down protein in the gut. By bye constipation, gas, and bloating.
Six Top Reasons Why You Should Drink Fresh Pineapple Juice

No Excuses, Make Time For What Is Most Important!

As 2021 culminates, I began to reminisce about all I had done and primarily how much more I could have achieved if I had not made endless excuses about why I could not do it. The last two years have taught me that I should be careful not to take anything for granted. And if I genuinely believe in this realization, I cannot continue to push aside those things or not spend time with those people who are important to me.

It is so easy to resort to why we did not do X or Y; please do not get me wrong because there are instances where because of limitations, we could not do what we said we were going to do. However, If we are to be brutally honest with ourselves, we tend to stand in the way of our growth and development as an individual. It could very well mean that that particular thing is not as vital as we led ourselves to believe, and because it is not, we do not prioritize or make time for it.

Maybe a little self-introspection would help us to realize this. You see, I was working a job that was back-breaking. I worked the night shift, and most times, the workload was so significant that my back would get so numb. So not only was it robbing me of my night’s rest but also the energy to do what I needed to do with my family. However, because I had managed to convince myself that I needed this job, I got up every night, got myself ready, and showed up for my shift. I knew that if I failed to do that, I would not have a job. I was the kind of worker who went above and beyond when it came to my job. Despite the wear and tear, this was a priority. Therefore I rose to the occasion and did what was needed.

For many of us, this is easy. You see, the physical reward that we expect to receive with a prescribed period motivates us to prioritize. In this case, because I needed money to pay my bills, I went to work. Otherwise, I make excuses about not having time and being too exhausted when it comes to other things.

So for 2022 and the rest of our lives, let us work hard on making essential things a priority in our lives. Do not focus too much on the short-term gain but keep in mind what you will gain in the long term. If something or someone is a necessary part of your life, make the time. We have to know our priorities and immerse ourselves in what is most important. Do not allow temporal things to take your time, energy, health, and youth; it is not worth it. You will be disappointed. Do not become so consumed by a job or any situation to the point where you cannot do the things you need to do for yourself and your loved ones. Know what is important and treat it as such.

A few examples of essential things that we often neglect to do is:

  1. Health – when it comes to our health, we tend to make a lot of excuses. And it is not until our doctor tells us that we have a life-threatening condition before we decide something about it. Most times, it is too late to do so. Our health is essential, and we cannot achieve our goals if we become sick! Eat well and exercise.
  2. Faith – If you want a better relationship with Christ but struggle to do so, make the time and be intentional about it. Set aside time to pray, read your bible, and seek God’s ways each day. It may take some adjustment, but it is possible.
  3. Family – Family matters! When the chips are down, your family will be there for you in most cases. Do not neglect because you are too busy. I have repeatedly heard people say I had only spent more time or called my loved one. So if you have been neglecting your spouse, marriage, children, and parents, do something about it. We cannot regain wasted time or time lost, but we can change the way things are going forward. Family matters!
  4. Mental Health – It is essential to prioritize our mental health. Know when to take a break to refresh and assess situations. We must ensure that we are level-headed before making important decisions. Take the time to relieve yourself of stress. I have seen more than enough people suffer mental breakdowns. Let not be your story….Prioritize. 

Let us allow our words to become action. Stop making excuses, prioritize what is most important to you. Life is short and time is precious. It is time to turn a new page, start fresh and take action.

Happy and blessed New Year.

No Excuses, Make Time For What Is Most Important!