Tomika Chance Author

I always dreamt of being a writer and have finally taken the time to make it happen. There is really nothing much to me; I love the Lord and my family. My book, “Jedidiah’s Special Friend,” will be published soon and I am beyond excited. It is a faith-based story about a boy who has a special friend who loves him so much. A friend that he wants to share with others because there is more than enough love to go around.

Where Thoughts Come To Life

Writing is fun, and it can take you to the deepest and most private place in your mind, piece together what you are genuinely feeling, and brings your thoughts and feelings alive in a very satisfying way.



Tomika Chance is a wife, mother, and woman of faith. She enjoys writing and has finally taken steps to pursue that desire. She hopes that her books will be powerful and uplifting to her readers. She is excited about this new journey and cannot wait to make her first book available to all.

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