Introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, and where you

I have always disliked this question in whatever setting because I tend to go blank every time I see and hear it. Who am I really, hmmm🤔? I am Tomika Chance. This is organically me;  I like to keep it simple, natural, and easy.

Now back to the meat of the matter. I am married, and also the mother of two beautiful children; Aliyah and Jedidiah. I love God/Jesus which means that I am going to talk a lot about him here. I lead a plant-based/vegan lifestyle (expect to see numerous food that I make at home for myself and my family). I am very passionate about health reformation meaning I believe that proper diet, exercise along with several other basic principles when applied can help us to live healthier, longer, and happier lives. (I promise to explain more in future posts). I believe wholeheartedly in family, friendship, and giving the best of myself to others. I am kind-hearted and compassionate. I cry easily but on the flip side I love to laugh or smile (great medicine) especially when my mom and Sissy-poo’s are around (“the grin team”)…….heck, call me giggles if you wish. All of the above forms the backbone of who I am. 

Additionally, I enjoy writing just about anything that comes to mind and feels meaningful to me. The rest you will discover as time progresses so please stay connected.

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