Tomika Chance

Author, Mother, and Wife

Who Am I? For strange reasons, my brain goes blank for a few seconds whenever I see or hear this question. But who am I really, hmmm🤔? My name is Tomika Chance; I am a Christian woman, wife, mother, and friend. The picture displayed on my profile is organically me; I like to keep it simple and natural.

I was born on the beautiful Island of Jamaica in the parish of St. Thomas. I currently live in New York State with my husband, Ewart Chance, and we are parents to three beautiful children; Aliyah, Jedidiah, and Emmah-Rose.

I lead a predominantly plant-based/vegan lifestyle; however, I primarily identify as plant-based because I use honey for medicinal purposes or sweeteners. I enjoy cooking and take pleasure in preparing wholesome homemade plantbased meals for my family. Furthermore, I am very passionate about health reformation. I believe we can all live long, healthy lives through proper nutrition, exercise, and several other fundamental principles referred to as the “Eight Laws of Health.”

One day, I hope to live in the beautiful countryside where I can experience nature firsthand again as I had in my birth country. I am always open to learning about the best country living place, so leave a comment.

I love God/Jesus, so I will talk about him here. I also believe wholeheartedly in family, friendship, and giving the best of myself to others. Additionally, I am kind-hearted and compassionate. I cry easily (bawlie, bawlie), but on the flip side, I love to laugh or smile (great medicine). All of the above mentions form the backbone of who I am.

Finally, I enjoy writing just about anything that comes to mind and feels meaningful to me. I am also a newbie author; I wrote and published a faith-based children’s book, “Jedidiah’s Special Friend.” Feel free to check it out on Amazon. The rest you will discover about me as time progresses, so please stay connected, and thanks so much for being a part of Itz Holistically Wholesome.