Forget that New Year’s Resolution

How many of us stick to our new year’s resolutions? Certainly not me. As 2020 culminates, subconsciously I kept reminding myself that I needed to make my new year’s resolution. I guess that after doing this for so many years, my mind knows just when that time comes around. Well, this year I am changing things up a bit because I will not be making any new resolution for 2021. It just does not work for me. Consequently, I have decided that it is time to forsake that tradition and find another way of ensuring that I do what is needed to be done and most importantly stick to it.

I refuse to subject myself to a list. All too often, I get pumped up and create this list of things that I hope to change/improve/achieve then January comes around and I am in high gears, immediately moving things ahead and it feels great. Then a few months pass and the newness of the new year begins to fade away and so does most of what I planned on doing. Before I knew it, there was no thought or mention of my “twelve months resolution” until the time came to make a new one. Forget that! I am tired of feeling like I have failed myself in some way because I did not stick to my list. I then chastise myself for not being able to follow through on anything when there are so many great and awesome things that I have done and goals that I have achieved throughout the year that was not written on a stupid list.

You know what? Life happens and I refuse to beat myself up over it. Do not get me wrong, it is okay to make plans, set goals but only in certain regards, and for God’s sake be realistic. Importantly, there is absolutely no guarantee that anything will happen according to how we want it to. Whether we chose to admit it or not, we do not really remain the same, we are constantly growing and changing.  Everything will happen in its due season, that’s just how it is. What matters is how we chose to be and what we hope to achieve for ourselves and those who we care about.

This year, I am rolling with the tides. I am going to take life one day at a time and deal with each situation as they come. I am going to be intentional about every situation and use it as a way to improve myself. After all, I cannot know how I am going to deal with something until it happens. For example, I may have acted out of character when provoked but it does not mean that I will do the same next time around. There are many factors that could have led to that behavior such as stress, exhaustion or I was just in a bad mood. Whatever the case, this does not mean that I will react that same way in a similar situation. So for 2021, I am going to take the needed action or actions at that moment based on my response to a particular stimulus.  I will self assess to see where I could have acted differently if not better. I should not have to wait a whole year to decide to change something about me.  That way I can see and measure my maturity and growth throughout the year and be happy about my achievements.

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