5 Extra Reasons to Love Houseplants

I love plants, both indoor and outdoor. I also enjoy planting them, caring for them, and watching them grow. I am a lover of nature; I guess that is because I was born and raised in the country. I can always remember myself as a child planting something. I remember going to my neighbor as a child to get pieces of her potted plant, which I took home to produce myself. I still can feel the joy that I felt  watching them grow from a small thing into a beautiful flourishing plant. I hope to one day have a beautiful country home to grow and collect endless plants. While I have not achieved that dream yet, I decided to make the best of what space I have. I was a bit disappointed that our current home, which we purchased four years ago in the suburbs, did not have that huge space that I envisioned, but I was very thankful for the small deck and large window sill in the front.  I plan to convert this window into a beautiful bay window to showcase my lovely houseplants and have more space. If you are not a plant lover or never considered having houseplants, I want to share a few extra reasons to love houseplants and why you should consider having them in your home. 

I have recently moved most of my plants to the window sill in the front because I find that they look a bit sad and thirsty during the cold season.  I think it is because the house gets too warm sometimes. They tend to look more vibrant and thrive a lot more because it is the temperature there is colder. Now and then, I crack the windows to allow them to get a bit of the chilly winter air, which does wonder not just to the plant but also airing out the house.

  1. Houseplants are therapeutic – I find that whenever I feel a little stressed, just tending to my plant or spending a few minutes to look at them makes me feel better and lifts my mood. It relaxes me when I sit on that green chair right next to my window and enjoy the freshness that comes from them. I have also read that plants’ can reduce physiological and psychological stress because they suppress our sympathetic nervous system’s activities and promote a comfortable, relaxed, and natural feel.
  2. They Help to purify the air – Houseplants are natural air purifiers. They can help detoxify the air in your living spaces, leaving your home with a clean, fresh scent. They produce extra oxygen, which we all could use, especially with our families indoors most of the time.
  3. Add a beautiful touch to your home – Not only are houseplants lovely to look at, but they make beautiful décor.  You could place them anywhere in your home that you feel needs a nice natural touch, and it will transform the overall look. Putting a plant next to your work area or desk will help to increase productivity.
  4. It gives a mini garden – No matter how you decide to do it, houseplants help bring the outdoors’ freshness inside and give you a mini garden you can tend to all year round.
  5. Keeps you in touch with nature – Houseplants are an excellent way to stay close to nature, especially throughout the cold season. Just being able to touch and watch them reminds me that life has many beautiful things. It also draws me closer to God, who has indeed made all things well. 

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