Catching Up/Still Grinding

Hey ya! It has been a few weeks since I last posted anything here, so I decided to write this post to catch up. So much has been happening so fast, and I cannot seem to find time between school, work, and being a mom to do other things. I am just so swamped!!!!!! Why is life so hard at times, oh? Will it ever slow down or get easier? I feel like there is always something that needs to get done. At times, I want to rip my hair out because it gets so overwhelming, and I cannot do things that I enjoy doing, like exercise, spending time with God, my kids, or just relaxing. The other day my daughter and I decided to take the time to scream to release the tension; it worked but only for a short while, haha.

It does not help that we do not have any family or friends close by to assist with tending to my toddler to get some much-needed sleep or quiet time to study. I am so deprived of sleep, yawning. My toddler does not give me a break and rides me non-stop while I try to sleep or focus during zoom class. Poor thing must be bored being stuck in the house and having no friends his age to play with. I cannot wait for this pandemic to be over; be a gone pandemic, you suck!

So I work as a Patient Care Associate in the hospital, full-time nights. At times the job can be challenging and back-breaking. After two-plus years of doing this, I can honestly say that I can feel the effects, which have begun to take a toll on my body. Working the night shift is not the most healthy choice for me, but it is the most ideal. Missing out on a good night’s quality sleep messes me up. I cannot make up for it even if I sleep 8 hours in the day, which rarely happens because school is full-time, motherly duties are 24 hours a day, and the chores are endless. Yet, grinding is necessary to keep food on the table, pay the interminable bills and improve my life and my family.

Nursing School has been intense, especially since online learning is not ideal for specific subject matters, I believe. I am so zoomed out! I miss the day-to-day interactions like study groups, attending the library, getting extra help, and visiting my professor’s office if I need additional help. Everything is limited, and there are just some things that are more easily grasp in person. However, I continue to hold it down. At this point, I cannot wait for the semester to be over because I have a bunch of things that I want to do, and having a few lazy days without having to worry about meeting deadlines, doing homework, or studying for exams are at the top of my list.

I cannot wait to tend to my summer garden, which I have not started on as yet. That will be exciting because I love growing things. I have this whole plan of designing my small deck this year to make the most of what I can grow. I will be sharing this here as well. By the way, my dream is to own a home in the countryside with a couple of acres so that I can grow a lot more fruits and vegetables and lovely plants. Feel free to share some ideas on country areas that you think would be ideal for my family and me.

I also want to spend more time writing and creating exciting content to share on this platform related to food, exercise, family, and other things that encompass living a holistically wholesome life. So stay due for future content, and your suggestions are always welcome..

I also want to devote more time to reconnect with God, grow and strengthen my faith, and being a better Christian. Sadly, I have fallen off the wagon a bit and need to get back on track real fast. Without God, I am nothing at all. So Pray a sister up okay.

Last but not least, my kiddos are numero uno (number one). They had to cope with not getting all my attention when they needed it. I cannot wait to devote some well-needed time to my three years old boy. There are so many things that I want to teach him without any interruptions, and this will be a perfect time. At times, I feel awful when I have to say that I am tired and need to rest or have homework to finish. Many times he would get frustrated and cry, and that breaks my heart in a million pieces. So I will use my time away from school and hopefully a few days from work to catch up.

The road to a better future is not usually easy, and for this reason, I am still grinding, still pushing, and forging ahead with no intention of quitting. My charge to you is to keep grinding because you will see the fruits of your labor in due time.

God bless.

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