What’s Growing on My Deck?

There is just so much to love about the summertime. Apart from the sweltering weather, it is a time for great fun and adventure with families and friends. One thing that I especially love to do is to plant fruits and vegetables on my deck. I wish that I had a huge yard space, but I am thankful that I have somewhere to grow something.

This year we decided to give it a facelift by painting it bright red, we were just over the dull, lifeless color, and my word, it sure did come alive. But, unfortunately, the raised natural brown color has been fading with time; hence we painted it black to preserve the wood.

I have several things growing in my garden for this season, and I will share some of them with you today.


I started planting strawberries three summers ago, and this season was by far the best. In the first year, I purchased only two strawberry plants and only managed to get only a few strawberries for the summer. In year two, I was surprised that they survived the winter and started sprouting green leaves by early spring. This summer, I was amazed to see that there were not just two strawberry trees growing but an entire raised bed. It was so fulfilling to see them thriving so well, and not only that, they were sweet and full of juice. My toddler enjoyed going put in the morning to eat freshly grown strawberries.


This herb box is precisely two years old and has survived two winters. Each time they grow right back and continue to supply me with fresh herbs. I have rosemary, thyme, basil, and peppermint in it. I love to cook with fresh thyme and use rosemary and mints to make hot tea.

German Thyme

White Potatoes

I love growing potatoes because it is one of the most accessible foods to grow in my garden. So each spring, I will buy a bag or two of organic white (Irish) potatoes and allow them to sprout until the season is warm, then I plant them outside. These are about sixty days old and should be ready to harvest in a couple of weeks. I am anticipating a good crop, keeping my fingers crossed.


Onions are a great addition to my garden and also enhances the taste of my food. Unfortunately, these plants are from the onion that began to sprout before I had a chance to use them. Consequently, I planted them not to have them go to waste. However, my sister recently cut some fresh leaves and used them to season a pot of red bean stew, and the aroma and taste were yummilicious.


I bought this blackberry plant in Home Depot two years ago, and I am so happy that it continues to grow and thrive. It just goes to show that even with a small space, you can produce something to eat.


Every time I walk outside of my house and onto my deck, I crack a smile. I thought that I had planted a red and yellow raspberry plant in this pot for two years. When the plant started to grow flowers this past spring, I was excited and was anticipating some delicious raspberries. Little did I know that I got the plants mixed up and had planted grapes instead. I cannot wait to taste them.

It is so rewarding to grow what you enjoy eating even if it is in small amount. So Whether you have a deck, pots, large or small land space, grow something that you can eat.

Stay tune for more on what’s growing on my deck. Blessings.

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