Bye, Bye Summer

Summer is at its end, and so is my Summer Cooling series. It was so much fun bringing you various juices and smoothies that you could make at home to replace the unhealthy options and help you save a buck or two. What is most important is for you to know that even though the hot season is closing, you can still make delicious and refreshing juices and smoothies all season round. Good nutrition is not seasonal; it is a long-term lifestyle that you should do regularly.

The highest nutritional and electrical-energy foods on the planet are fresh raw fruits and vegetables. God himself made these foods, and since he made them, they are perfect for us. So never be afraid to try something new each day, especially when you are made aware of the nutritional and health benefits. Of course, we can never eat all that God has provided for us in our lifetime, but we can sure try. So be bold, buy fruits and vegetables in their season, and most importantly, activate your kitchen by making various fresh fruit juice and smoothies if you have not started yet. You can even try combining them to create a unique taste. You will never know how it will taste unless you try.

I simply cannot leave without a few vegetable and fruit juice combination recipes to try so here goes:

Carrot + beet + parsley

Carrot + beet + spinach

Cucumber + apple + lemon + ginger

carrot + beet + lemon + ginger

grapefruit + orange

Cheers to a healthier, happier you and see you in the fall.

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