I love fitness as much as I love eating well and growing my faith in God. I have always seen myself in the future as one well-toned, physically fit grandma if God allows me to live that long. I want my seventy to have a question mark whenever someone asks me my age. I want to run around with my grandchildren and carry on with activities of daily living as I do now. Most importantly, I want my children to see the relevance of fitness and make it a part of their daily lives. This is why I push daily to ensure I get some workouts done. I also love to run as it relaxes me a whole lot.

I never had a gym membership, and I have thought about getting one lately. Why? I felt that I had reached my max at home. Additionally, it sometimes gets a little lonely working out and running by myself, and I felt like I needed to be around like-minded people and maybe have a fitness buddy or two. It has been over a year, and I am contemplating joining the gym.

I consider myself self-motivated because I hardly need anyone to tell me what is required of me to stay in shape. However, I cannot say I did it myself because I purchased a few challenges at reasonable rates and did them right home. Britney Jackson is my favorite. I also tuned in to YouTube when I wanted to mix things up. My daily routine will be a minimum of 5 miles run at and a maximum of 10 miles. But if on average 7 miles daily for at least 5 days weekly. Then I would do a HITT, squats, legs, core, and arm workout. Otherwise, I would follow the challenge accordingly. I have been missing too many run days lately, but the workout is still going well.

I was also following a particular influencer who was a mother like myself and into fitness. We had the same physique and our last child around the same time, so I felt okay; why not. She managed to get back into shape, which was my motivation; I was grinding. I was impressed at how fast she did it and was blown away by how toned her stomach was. I am for a flat, toned stomach, which is my ultimate aim. I wanted to show that you can still flatten that tummy and be great, even as a mom. Yet, I am not so confident; my mind now wants me to think that I can achieve this goal to a certain extent but not ultimately. It did not help that I discovered that this individual had surgery on her stomach hence her result, and I was here working and pushing to get there naturally, sigh.

That news did not deter me. The Bible says we must not put our trust in men because they will fail us. It is vital to learn that while you can look at others as an example, source of motivation, or even inspiration, you have to realize that we are all imperfect in our way. No hate here.

OMG, my gut and I continue to fight because she wants to stay, and I want her gone. We cannot find any common ground because I have goals, and she stops me from being great. Do not get me wrong, I do not have a large stomach, but I need more definition in my stomach region. I have not taken any supplements throughout my fitness journey to help me reach my desired goal, and I do not particularly like the taste of plant-based protein powders.

I think that for every course you take in life, there comes a time when you have to stop and re-evaluate. Especially if you feel you have hit a roadblock. So if you are on a fitness journey and feel like you have reached a point where you cannot do much more on your own, you are not alone; I am right there with you. My stomach goal is my biggest struggle; I do not feel like I am nailing it.

So what do I need to do differently? I am not sure. I could tighten up some more nutrition-wise because I have been compromising; honesty is vital. Additionally, could I have reached my maximum potential at home? Should I get a gym membership? Maybe, I need supplements? Should I change my workout routine? Perhaps you can tell me.

I want to crush those flaps for some fantastic abs.

Clip of myself.

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  1. Keep it up! ❤️❤️

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