I Did A Colon Cleanse

I have always wanted to do a colon cleanse but have always felt scared. After six years of thinking about it, I finally did it this week.

My husband purchased a colonic kit years ago before we met. After we were married, I saw him take out this huge box containing a board and other pieces of equipment. He said that he was going to do a colon cleanse because he felt back up. At first, I was puzzled because I had never seen one before. I was allowed to see how he prepared everything, but he would lock me out when it was time to do the cleanse. I never really pushed the issue, even though I am inquisitive. After all, a man deserves some privacy.

Recently, he emerged from the basement with his colonic board. I thought it was that time again. I decided that I wanted to try it. I asked him if I could see how he does it to ease my nervousness. At first, he said “NO!!!” But after annoying him about it, he said I could see. Let us say that I could see why he did not want me to watch him do it, lol. “My men looked a bit vulnerable in such a compromising position if you catch my drift.”

So what is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing also referred to as colonic irrigation, is how large amounts of water, sometimes containing herbs or coffee, are flushed through the colon. This is done by inserting a tube into the rectum.

Colon cleansing removes toxins from your gastrointestinal tract and can cause various health problems, such as arthritis and high blood pressure. On the other hand, it improves health by removing toxins, boosting energy, and enhancing your immune system. It also relieves constipation.

Preparation for cleansing treatment

My husband did most of the preparation in terms of filling a five-gallon bucket with boiling water. Boiling the water is optional, but he wanted to ensure that it was well purified. Then we added coffee and allowed it to steam a bit. While the water was cooling, he went upstairs to set up the board in the bathroom. The bucket containing the water is on the counter next to the toilet. He placed a hose in the bucket, which is then extended downwards through a small hole on the rear part of the colonic board that he rested on a chair and the toilet bowl.

Short clip of the setup process. Sorry there is no audio but the process is explained in the post

Time to cleanse

I then lay down on my back and placed my feet in the space provided on the board. This is similar to how you would position yourself if you were doing a pap smear if you are a woman. My butt was towards the opening on the board where the waste would be dispensed into the toilet. Above is an insert connected to the suction hose that goes into the rectum. This will allow the water to flow through the rectum and into the colon once the cap is unlocked.

I felt a bit of discomfort while inserting, so if you decide to try this cleansing method, be sure to lubricate as this will help. Once I felt comfortable enough, my hubby released the cap lock, and the coffee water began to flow inside. After a while, I could feel the pressure from all that water built up inside me, followed by a great need to let it out. When I did, I could feel feces coming out as well. It took about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. I so felt light and relaxed after. I also had a bit of loose bowel for a few hours. Nothing much came because I had already voided all that poop.


I would recommend this method of cleansing. It works by removing waste from the body, and you will immediately feel great after. But, please do not do this too often and speak to your healthcare provider if you are uncertain about whether this is safe for you.

Remember to eat your fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your beautiful selves healthy. God bless.

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