Sweet Potato-Squash Soup

Heart Healthy Sweet Potato-Squash Soup

I am a soup lover, and this is the perfect weather for a hot bowl of delicious soup. Not only will it tantalize the taste buds, but it will warm you up inside and out. I am not sure how many of you use recipes whenever you cook, but I do not. Since I am interested in sharing my plant-based meals with you, I am slowly learning to create recipes for my meals. However, for this recipe, we will be freestyling.

Soups are not complex to prepare. On the contrary, it is probably one of the most leisurely meals you will have to cook. It is a one-pot meal where everything is boiled together at the same time. After which, your flavor to your taste and liking.

My son has been under the weather a bit for a few days and asked for warm soup. So his grandmother and I teamed up to make sweet potato-squash soup. She washed and cut all the ingredients and put them on the stove to boil, and once they were soft, I took over, added the seasoning for the flavor, and then pureed them. Finally, I added home-boiled chickpeas for additional protein. It was delicious and, my son loved it; he gave two thumbs up.

So here is what you need:

One medium-size Squash
Two medium-size sweet potato
Six large carrots
One large red onion
Three bulb garlic
Five stalks Celery
Two cups cooked chickpeas
Powdered seasoning
cayenne pepper (optional)

Wash, peel and cut squash, potatoes, onions, carrots, and garlic into small sizes. Place in pot and cover with water, boil until everything is tender; then puree. Next, add your powdered seasoning (garlic, onion, all-purpose) and salt to taste. Finally, add cooked chickpeas(can be pureed if desired). Allow this to simmer for another five to ten minutes, then serve.

You can add a side of toast if you so desire.

This soup served five people for two days.

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