Experiencing God’s Goodness

If I have never said it before, I love being a Christian and a follower of Christ. He has been so wonderfully good to me. I know that not all of us here are of the same belief, and I intend not to offend anyone. All of you are meaningful to me. However, whenever there is something extraordinary in your life, be confident to speak about it.

Around this time of year, I am the happiest. I feel and see so much love everywhere, and people tend to be a lot nicer. So much happiness and cheers all around. In just a few days, it will be Christmas, and many people worldwide will be celebrating the birth of Christ. While we may not be sure of the exact date of Christ’s birth, it is our duty as Christians to share the good news with everyone we encounter. My charge to everyone is to remember the reason why we celebrate. Do not for once take your focus off that. It is not about the food or presents but the man Christ Jesus who gave his life for us. So let us celebrate the goodness of God because he is worthy of all our admiration, praise, and honor.

My heart is filled with so much praise and adoration for Him. God has been incredibly good to me, and even when I am at my worst, he loves me beyond measures. Since the pandemic, so much has happened, but we are alive and well because of God’s goodness. I lost my job a few months ago, but God has provided. I am sure that you have your testimony of how good God has been to you. In moments of doubt and fear, he placed a song on my heart to remind me of his goodness and that He is still in control. The words of this song are so powerful and uplifting. Every time I hear it, I feel uplifted. This song touches my heart. I will share it below so that you, too, can be reminded of his faithfulness and experience His goodness.

Meditate upon every word. Allow God to fill your heart with gratitude and love

Remember to honor and celebrate God’s goodness in all you do—taking care of your health through proper diet, exercise, and loving others is relevant. Let this not just be a celebration only for a day but make God a daily part of your life.

Let this not just be a celebration only for a day but make God a daily part of your life. Happy and blessed holiday to you and your loved ones from Itz Holistically Wholesome.

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