No Excuses, Make Time For What Is Most Important!

As 2021 culminates, I began to reminisce about all I had done and primarily how much more I could have achieved if I had not made endless excuses about why I could not do it. The last two years have taught me that I should be careful not to take anything for granted. And if I genuinely believe in this realization, I cannot continue to push aside those things or not spend time with those people who are important to me.

It is so easy to resort to why we did not do X or Y; please do not get me wrong because there are instances where because of limitations, we could not do what we said we were going to do. However, If we are to be brutally honest with ourselves, we tend to stand in the way of our growth and development as an individual. It could very well mean that that particular thing is not as vital as we led ourselves to believe, and because it is not, we do not prioritize or make time for it.

Maybe a little self-introspection would help us to realize this. You see, I was working a job that was back-breaking. I worked the night shift, and most times, the workload was so significant that my back would get so numb. So not only was it robbing me of my night’s rest but also the energy to do what I needed to do with my family. However, because I had managed to convince myself that I needed this job, I got up every night, got myself ready, and showed up for my shift. I knew that if I failed to do that, I would not have a job. I was the kind of worker who went above and beyond when it came to my job. Despite the wear and tear, this was a priority. Therefore I rose to the occasion and did what was needed.

For many of us, this is easy. You see, the physical reward that we expect to receive with a prescribed period motivates us to prioritize. In this case, because I needed money to pay my bills, I went to work. Otherwise, I make excuses about not having time and being too exhausted when it comes to other things.

So for 2022 and the rest of our lives, let us work hard on making essential things a priority in our lives. Do not focus too much on the short-term gain but keep in mind what you will gain in the long term. If something or someone is a necessary part of your life, make the time. We have to know our priorities and immerse ourselves in what is most important. Do not allow temporal things to take your time, energy, health, and youth; it is not worth it. You will be disappointed. Do not become so consumed by a job or any situation to the point where you cannot do the things you need to do for yourself and your loved ones. Know what is important and treat it as such.

A few examples of essential things that we often neglect to do is:

  1. Health – when it comes to our health, we tend to make a lot of excuses. And it is not until our doctor tells us that we have a life-threatening condition before we decide something about it. Most times, it is too late to do so. Our health is essential, and we cannot achieve our goals if we become sick! Eat well and exercise.
  2. Faith – If you want a better relationship with Christ but struggle to do so, make the time and be intentional about it. Set aside time to pray, read your bible, and seek God’s ways each day. It may take some adjustment, but it is possible.
  3. Family – Family matters! When the chips are down, your family will be there for you in most cases. Do not neglect because you are too busy. I have repeatedly heard people say I had only spent more time or called my loved one. So if you have been neglecting your spouse, marriage, children, and parents, do something about it. We cannot regain wasted time or time lost, but we can change the way things are going forward. Family matters!
  4. Mental Health – It is essential to prioritize our mental health. Know when to take a break to refresh and assess situations. We must ensure that we are level-headed before making important decisions. Take the time to relieve yourself of stress. I have seen more than enough people suffer mental breakdowns. Let not be your story….Prioritize. 

Let us allow our words to become action. Stop making excuses, prioritize what is most important to you. Life is short and time is precious. It is time to turn a new page, start fresh and take action.

Happy and blessed New Year.

2 responses to “No Excuses, Make Time For What Is Most Important!”

  1. Great post. I believe that we have to take care of ourselves first before trying to be there for others, so prioritising our health, both mental and physical should be a requirement and not an option. Thanks for putting out this positive message on the blogosphere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely. Thanks for your feedback.


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