I love springtime because it culminates the long, cold, and lonely winter season. After spending so much time indoors and daring not to venture outdoors without layers of clothes and a heavy coat, I can now shed these layers daily for something more light and comfortable. I can take long leisurely walks in the park, breathe in that cool air, and admire nature in all its beauty.

Spring gives me so much hope and takes all my laziness away. I can now spend time doing one of the things I love most: planting my little garden and watching as it grows. Somehow my creativity also seems to flow. And though a poet, I am not a poem I managed to compose.

This is one of the first pictures that I took as the trees began to come to life. These trees in this section of our community park always bloom first. If you could look just behind them, you will see signs of the effect of winter still.

Spring is in the air;
There is so much beauty everywhere.
From the cold, listless, gloomy season, atlas’s new life appears.
Spring is in the air; watch the flowers as they bloom
red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, and purple too,
Hmm, the atmosphere they do perfume.

Here the flowers are changing from beautiful white to a bright pink/purple color.

Spring is in the air; see the wildlife come to view
Birds, bees, and butterflies are busy doing what they do.

How beautiful they appear.

Spring is in the air,
showers of blessings the heaven’s rain,
moistening and watering mother earth,
So her bounty of food she can prepare.
Spring is in the air,
So much sunshine she brings,
melting all hurt and pain away
and now our hearts are filled with love and cheer.

Spring, spring Spontaneous Spring
oh, how you make me sing
with a joyful heart, I welcome you.

My son enjoys being outdoors on a lovely day. He was especially happy to find an egg along the side of the pond.

Please feel free to leave feedback and pictures of how spring looks in your neck of the woods.

                            -God bless.

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