How I Eased My Baby Cold Naturally

Every parent out there dreads whenever their young ones catch a cold. It is heartbreaking to see them stuffy, fussy, and uncomfortable. But, unfortunately, it does not matter how much we try to protect them; it is almost inevitable, and there comes a time when our precious little ones will have to deal with the many viruses floating around.

My daughter was only three weeks old when she caught a cold from her five-year-old brother, who had started school a week before. My son, over the years, hardly ever got sick, but this was his first time being in such a large setting for a considerable amount of time since age 2. So, of course, I knew that there was a possibility that he would become exposed to germs. After all, young children generally catch the cold or other viruses from each other, which certainly does not help now that the flu season is upon us. With that in mind, I topped up on his fruits and vegetables and gave him natural homemade remedies to build his immune system. He also took multivitamins. Even if this does not prevent him from getting the cold, keeping his body healthy will lessen the effect and length of time he will be sick. While he was not severely affected and managed to carry on with daily activity, he caught a cold and had a runny and stuffy nose.

 As a side note, giving your children healthy food, drink, whole fruits and vegetables, and the necessary vitamins to boost their immune system is most beneficial.

Having a newborn and a school-age child can be challenging. I want to keep my baby safe, yet I could not wholly isolate my son. I tried to prevent the baby from getting a cold, but that did not work. I could not help how cruel life could be that not even the very young is spared from sickness. How could this tiny baby deal with this? Thankfully, even though she was congested, she had no problem breathing, no fever, and was not too fussy. However, I had to be on top of things not to let it get any worse.

Here is how I naturally soothed my newborn:

  1. Fresh Air – I ensured fresh air was circulating through our home by opening windows and doors. The atmosphere gave the house a lovely relaxed feel. In the early morning, I placed her close to the open window, and she slept calmly and peacefully.
  2.   Humidifier – I also used a humidifier that I primarily used at night. It helps to purify the Air, reduce the spread of germs, and reduce her congestion.
  3.   Eucalyptus Oil/Vicks Vapor Rub – This was a lifesaver. My parents used this on us as kids whenever we got sick, and I do the same for all my kids. I use my finger to dab a small amount in her clothes and blanket. I also placed a thin hat on her head and added eucalyptus oil which helps clear her nasal passage and offers her some relief whenever she inhales.
  4.   Clear excess mucus– I used a rubber bulb or my mouth to clear her nasal passage whenever she seemed too congested. As a result, she is less fussy and breathes easier.
  5.   Hold and Comfort your baby – Babies like comfort and tend to be most relaxed when held, incredibly when ill. I had her for as long as she wanted me to, calmed her significantly, and even her breathing slowed down. The loving touch of a mother does wonders for a baby.
  6.   Breastfeeding – This is vital; breastfeed your baby. I am pro-breastfeeding, and I know from personal experience how tremendously beneficial this is for a baby’s overall health. I want my baby to have the best chance of recovering as soon as possible. I also wanted to build her immune system, so I ensured that not only was my baby given regular feeding but that I consumed healthy foods, natural juices, smoothies, whole fruits, and vegetables. I also took vitamins and homemade remedies that boosted my immune system and nourished my body so that baby could benefit through my breastmilk.
  7.   Vitamin D with Prebiotic – It is essential to give your baby Vitamin D, especially those exclusively breastfed because they do not get enough from mommy’s milk. Vitamin D promotes healthy bone development. When my pediatrician advised me to start giving my baby vitamin D, I decided to purchase one that had pre-biotics as well, which helps to reduce spit-ups and their chances of developing colic. It also helps to boost her immune system. Studies show that people with low vitamin D are more likely to get sick.
  8. Elevate Baby’s Head – Elevating my baby’s head made it easier for her to breathe, and she slept longer when I put her down.

In time, my baby was doing much better. Her congestion and running nose lessened. She also had no visible discomfort, and within a few days, she had overcome her cold.

2 responses to “How I Eased My Baby Cold Naturally”

  1. Thanks for the tips. As a first time mom you sometimes forget other little ones are out there going through similar issues.
    Continue to post I will be reading ☺️


    1. Your are welcome! I am happy that this was helpful to you.


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