• Eight Laws of Health

    Eight Laws of Health

    Years ago, I learned about several health principles that I considered proper remedies to healthful living, known as “The Eight Laws of Health” by Ellen G. White, and by following these principles, one would benefit greatly. Read more

  • Lost Innocence: Save Our Children

    I have witnessed quite a few things in my lifetime. I have tried to keep at the forefront of my mind at all times the need to “always expect the unexpected.” Even in doing so, life sometimes throws me curveballs that knock me flat on my face and takes away my very breath. From my… Read more

  • Five Practical Steps To Eternal life

    Five Practical Steps To Eternal life

    I believe that it is safe to say that we all want to remain young and live longer lives, and if possible we wish that we could live forever. The reality of death scares many of us and we cannot bear the thought of leaving those we love so much behind or them leaving us.… Read more

  • Forget that New Year’s Resolution

    How many of us stick to our new year’s resolutions? Certainly not me. As 2020 culminates, subconsciously I kept reminding myself that I needed to make my new year’s resolution. I guess that after doing this for so many years, my mind knows just when that time comes around. Well, this year I am changing… Read more