Happy 4th Birthday To My Son Jedidiah

Happy Thursday, everyone, and thank you so much for supporting my blog; your presence here really keeps me motivated and inspired.

July is the most eventful time in my family. This is when we have the most things to celebrate, such as the birth of my son, my wedding anniversary, and my husband’s birthday. I even met my husband for the first time in July. I even added a Natural Health Fair to this year’s calendar, which will occur on Sunday, July 18, 2021. Check under the post entitled “Natural Health and Wellness Fair” for more details on that.

Jedidiah means the world to me, and I am sure that all parents share the same sentiment regarding their offspring. However, everything concerning his conception, development, and birth was a bit scary and beautiful at the same time. I prayed endless prayers over my stomach for God to protect him as he grows. My son is a triplet, yes, one of three babies that were conceived. He was baby A, singleton, while baby B and C were identical twins. However, Jedidiah was the only one that survived, and for that reason, I consider him to be my little miracle. He was born on July 9, 2017, and just like that, the nine months of fear that I had from the loss of babies B and C was replaced by pure love and joy.

I cannot help looking at him sometimes without wondering what the other two babies would have looked or be like if they had survived, but Lord knows I am thankful that he is here and that God chose me to be his mom. He is the most amazing, fun-loving, handsome, and interesting little boy. A true mama’s boy too. He eats only plant-based since the day he was born and really enjoys various fruits and vegetables. His absolute favorite color is red, and as a result, all his favorite food to eat are the same color tomatoes, bell peppers, cherries, and strawberries. He enjoys juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, gardening, being outdoor, watching his tablet, and visiting the ducks and fishes in the park. I would not have you think that he is a perfect angel because he does drive me up the wall and through the roof at times. His sister, who is much older than him, is his best friend, well that is what he said. I love how they are together despite the age gap between them.

I pray for God’s guidance and protection in his life. May he be blessed with health, strength, and long life. Children are truly precious gifts from God. So today, on the eve of his birthday, I want to share him with you and wish him a happy birthday.

Check out video below of the birthday boy.

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