Bump Update…OMG, Baby Girl is almost Here!!!

Yippee!!! I am so excited to write this update on my pregnancy. While I enjoyed the journey, for the most part, I am ready to evict baby girl. How quickly I have gotten to this point, 38 weeks, is still mind-blowing. I remember praying to get past the first trimester, which then seemed to lingerContinue reading “Bump Update…OMG, Baby Girl is almost Here!!!”


What up, beautiful people? I trust that your summer has been going great and that you are doing all the fun things you enjoy and spending time with family and friends. As for me, my household is abuzz with much excitement and activities as we prepare for the birth of our baby girl. On topContinue reading “7TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY & 2 BIRTHDAYS”


When I am pregnant, I will exercise every day and stay in shape for myself and my baby. Then, I will be a fit, mama! Haha, how many of us have said that ourselves?  Pregnancy is a beautiful time in the lives of an expectant mom, couple, and or family. It is a blessing toContinue reading “EXERCISING WHILE PREGNANT”


What an exciting time in the lives of the Chance Family. We have had a predominantly wonderful time with this pregnancy, and we are beyond excited about expanding our little family. Life is not always a bunch of roses, but it is incredible when it throws you a rose. We cannot wait for the babyContinue reading “WE ARE HAVING A…..!!!! GENDER REVEAL”


High School graduation is an important and unforgettable time in an individual’s life and family. It signifies their transition into adulthood and symbolizes the result of their hard work, discipline, and commitment to making it to this critical juncture. They have every right to be proud of their accomplishments. My daughter is only seventeen andContinue reading “SHE DID IT!!! HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION 2022”

My First Born Is Almost An Adult/PROM

For that matter, motherhood and being a parent is such a humbling and fulfilling experience. I had my daughter in my early twenties, and while she came as a surprise, I quickly made light of my new reality and slowly eased into my role as a mother. After all, she was on her way whetherContinue reading “My First Born Is Almost An Adult/PROM”

What’s Bumping??? 25 Weeks Pregnant and Counting

I am so happy with the way my pregnancy has been going lately. I am especially delighted that most of the awful pregnancy symptoms are long behind me, and now I can enjoy this journey. My family and I are anxiously looking forward to the birth of the newest member of our family, and theyContinue reading “What’s Bumping??? 25 Weeks Pregnant and Counting”

Seven Biblical Verses For All Mothers

 Proverbs 31:28: “Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” Psalm 127:3: “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward..” Luke 2:51: “ And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his motherContinue reading “Seven Biblical Verses For All Mothers”


I love springtime because it culminates the long, cold, and lonely winter season. After spending so much time indoors and daring not to venture outdoors without layers of clothes and a heavy coat, I can now shed these layers daily for something more light and comfortable. I can take long leisurely walks in the park,Continue reading “SPRING IS IN THE AIR”