Summer Cooling’s Grape Juice

Hello guys, and happy Tuesday. I am so delighted to bring yet another delicious recipe to add to our Summer Cooling’s Series just for you to get into your kitchen and try. Within minutes you will have the most refreshing and nutritious cooling’s ever. I love grapes because they are sweet, healthy, and make mouth-watering juices. For some strange reason, whenever I think of grapes, I remember the story of the “Fox and the grapes.” A starving fox came across some grapes hanging high from the vine one day. His mouth watered at the very sight of the delicious fruit as he gazed longingly at them. He made several attempts to reach them by jumping as high as he could but without success. Finally, out of frustration, he cursed at the grapes and called them sour before walking away. Haha.

Sometimes we get frustrated and even quit when we are unable that which we desire and quit. But I want you to know that giving up is never an option for creating a healthier you. That fox may have lucked out on those grapes, but why should you? Summer is about fun in the sun, and we shall remain cool, refresh, and healthy while doing so. Grapes are abundant and are available for purchase in almost every supermarket or local produce store near you. They are also easy to grow, so you must consider growing your own if you have space. I currently have a few growing on my deck. See the picture below.

Additionally, grapes are one of the most delightful fruits and have tremendous health benefits. Grapes are rich in antioxidants found mainly in the skin, stem, leaf, and seeds. As a result, they help reduce the risk of blood clots, prevent damage to blood vessels in the heart, lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol, and maintain healthy blood pressure.

Dark red and purple grapes are higher in antioxidants than white or green grapes.

For this recipe I used:

about 3lbs purple grape

half of 1 lemon


I kid you not, it tastes great and totally different from store bought juice. What you will be making for yourself is all natural and free from additives and preservatives. I cannot have enough and once you try it for yourself, you will feel the same way.

Happy juicing peeps.

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