Up Your C’s with Citrus Medley Summer Cooling’s

I have had a blast sharing the summer cooling series here. Life cannot be better than drinking juices and smoothies that you enjoy due to their rich, natural taste while being nourished while doing so. What an excellent way to keep a healthy body and mind need. This week’s featured juice is my “Citrus MedleyContinue reading “Up Your C’s with Citrus Medley Summer Cooling’s”

Kool Down On Greens/Summer Cooling’s

Summer is almost at an end, and so is this Summer Cooling series. It was a pleasure to pop in here every Tuesday just to share juice and smoothie ideas that are nutritious and can cool you down simultaneously. Of course, there are endless drink options out there for you to try at any time.Continue reading “Kool Down On Greens/Summer Cooling’s”

Mouthwatering Apple Juice/Summer Cooling’s

Nothing tastes better than a cold, refreshing glass of freshly made apple juice with a bit of ginger and lemon on a hot summer day. So it is no wonder that it is this week’s juice of choice on Summer Cooling’s. There is no rule as to what color or type of apple you choseContinue reading “Mouthwatering Apple Juice/Summer Cooling’s”

Hubby Hunk Birthday + Watermelon Cooling’s

Hello there, it is Tuesday, yay! If you have been following this blog, then you know that it is time for another Summer cooling healthy drink to keep you refresh and nourished at the same time. Today’s post is a little different from other days because it is my hubby’s birthday, and I want toContinue reading “Hubby Hunk Birthday + Watermelon Cooling’s”

Summer Cooling’s Grape Juice

Hello guys, and happy Tuesday. I am so delighted to bring yet another delicious recipe to add to our Summer Cooling’s Series just for you to get into your kitchen and try. Within minutes you will have the most refreshing and nutritious cooling’s ever. I love grapes because they are sweet, healthy, and make mouth-wateringContinue reading “Summer Cooling’s Grape Juice”

5 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and keep it off

I have always tried to be attentive about how and what I eat. Looking good, feeling great, and being healthy was my goal. I want to be in excellent shape and health. There was a time when I had lost focus and piled on a few extra pounds. I hated how it made me feel,Continue reading “5 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and keep it off”