Itz My Anniversary

This is not a usual post. It is my anniversary, and I wish to share this here with you. On July 19, 2015, I officially became someone’s wife. The journey to 6 years was pretty exciting and interesting. This is not your average marriage, lol, but I love the uniqueness. I thank God for the beautiful times and for giving me a “stick within attitude” when the seas were very rough.

My husband and I have loved, fought, cried, and offended each other through our actions and behavior as we try to adjust to being married, living with each other, and learning to merge what were two separate lives together. But, we laughed, celebrated, appreciated, and valued the things that we did right and continue to work on those shortcomings that must be done away with. As we grow and mature from day to day, we will one day come to that place where our marriage will be what God wants it to be.

As we enter our 7ths year, somewhere deep within I can feel the sprouting of hope, dreams, possibilities and adventures. Why? The number seven means completion and also perfection. I believe that the pathway that is opening before us will be far greater than what we have came through. By no means do I have a perfect marriage yet there are certain characteristics that are apart of my union that comforts my soul. These include faithfulness, trust, commitment, fidelity’s and the love for each other and Christ. It is upon these grounds that I continue to sail the beautiful seas of marriage with the anticipation that what God has blessed and ordained will stand forever as long as we continue to ride out the storms and bask in the sunshiny days.

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Click link to see wedding highlights:

Cheers to 6 years of learning and growing.

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