Meet the Tribe

Sorry I missed you this week. I am currently working on a few projects plus I just wanted to devote some meaningful time to my family and self. So much has been going on and I believe that this was a perfect time to assess, reassess and reset. I hope that you will enjoy these cute pics of myself and the kids. We we were all dressed up for a wedding. Hubby is missing as he is not one to take pictures.

God’s richest blessings and I will see you all here next week.

This is my beloved son Jedidiah. He has been plantbased since birth. His favorite color is red and he loves being outdoor.
My son’s face lights up my day everyday
When cousins are bestfriends
Meet Sahalie but I fondly call her Sasa, and she is absolutely sassy. She made me a auntie. She is energetic, smart and loving. She loves to dance and explore the outdoors. A country girl by nature who currently lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica.
This is me the face behind the blog (Mika). I am obsessed with my family and I am slowly coming out of my shell. I must say that my hubby did well when he thought to buy me this dress.
Meet Aliyah my first born and first love. She is smart, jovial and talented. She hardly ever lets anything gets her down and forgives easily.
Meet the Tribe

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My desire is to see a world filled with healthy and happy people. Hi, I am Tomika and I am passionate about health and wellness. I believe that with healthful practices such as proper nutrition, exercise, and a few other basic principles, we all can live a holistically wholesome life. I look forward to sharing with you on this platform with the hope of influencing countless others to adopt a more healthful and wholesome lifestyle. Blessings.

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