What an exciting time in the lives of the Chance Family. We have had a predominantly wonderful time with this pregnancy, and we are beyond excited about expanding our little family. Life is not always a bunch of roses, but it is incredible when it throws you a rose. We cannot wait for the baby to grace us with their presence, and guess what? Time is moving fast, so this anticipation will be over very soon.

My Little Family

We did not want a grand celebration for personal reasons, so we kept it small and intimate. I was so excited to have my neighbors on board, and I cannot begin to tell you how remarkable they are. Elza, Clai, and Shelly, we love you guys so much. We also had a few family members on a video call.

Once we received the envelope containing the gender of our little nugget, we handed it over to our beloved neighbor Shelly and keeper of the Gender. We waited for what seemed like forever for the perfect sunny day to get it done. It took us about 4-6 weeks, and Shelley was incredibly tight-lipped about everything. I voted her “best secret keeper.” Finally, on the morning of Saturday, May 21, 2022, we decided to do it once and for all. The day started out very dull, gloomy, and windy but at around 10am the sun came out in its full glory and we were most thankful to God.

Items for gender reveal

Smoke Cannon– The keeper of the gender purchased those on Amazon, and it was so lovely of her to get four of them, one for each family member.

Balloons – We purchase balloons and other small items such as table covers, colored drinks, and can spray at Walmart.


We had our gender reveal on our complex. The trees and grass were luscious and green; we thought that was the best place to get it done. What is better than a lovely spring morning in nature and adequate spacing.

Guessing the Gender

I did not mean for it to take so long to reveal the gender, but I could not find the right time. I am bad at keeping secrets, and I have had a few slip-ups, but this proves that people do not always listen as keenly as they should during conversation or fail to trust what they hear.

Big sister…Aliyah

It was fun having others guess the gender of the baby. Some looked at the shape of my stomach and changes in my facial features before making a prediction. I found this hilarious because I wear all my pregnancy the same way, especially regarding my bump. One person said, “oh, you are having a boy, look at the shape of your belly, and your nose have gotten big, lol! The following week he said, “I think I am going, team girl because your nose does not look big anymore.” The majority concluded that it was going to be another boy. All in all, we had a good laugh.

Honestly, I could not tell myself because I felt almost the same way I did with my daughter and son, even though I was sure that my son would be a boy from the beginning (I may share that story in another post). Hubby has always maintained that it was a girl. Well, that was his desire, so what else. However, as the pregnancy progressed, he became a bit wavering, especially since everyone said I carried a bump resembling a boy. Finally, he almost conceded that it was going to be a boy. Yet, he held fast to hope and sang his “it is a girl tune.”

Oh, baby! The Reveal

It was very short, about an hour, as I said to the point. Of course, my daughter and hubby were team girls, so they wore pink, and my son, a team boy, wore his blue shirt. I was neutral, so I wore neither pink nor blue. At times, I felt split because my daughter wanted a sister and my hubby a baby girl, and rightfully so. I wanted that for them but, on the other hand, I felt that having a boy would make my son happy. God had the final say and whatever he gave us was His best.

So my husband, daughter, son, and I were each given a gender reveal smoke cannon from Shelly along with the instructions on how to use it. Shelly told us to twist in the opposite direction using both arms while pointing the cannon away from us in a relatively safe direction. I knew that my son would need some help because he is only four years old. We aimed and twisted on the count of three, but only my cannon released the long-awaited secret. I laughed while watching hubby and my daughter struggle to release theirs. Everyone erupted in cheers as the beautiful pink smoke surrounded us. My son was not as pleased but still said he would love the baby girl. See the video below.

big brother…Jedidiah

As soon as our celebration was over, we headed to church and returned home for a heart-healthy plant-based lunch with our cousins Audrey, Serena, and Sheldon. The day was beautiful and well spent.

With the happiest heart, I tell you all that I will be having a baby girl; yes, it is a GIRL HOORAY, and ALL PRAISES BE TO GOD FROM WHOM ALL OUR BLESSINGS FLOW.

Gender reveal video

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