What up, beautiful people? I trust that your summer has been going great and that you are doing all the fun things you enjoy and spending time with family and friends.

As for me, my household is abuzz with much excitement and activities as we prepare for the birth of our baby girl. On top of that, July is usually our most hectic and celebratory month because it is my son’s birthday, my Wedding Anniversary, and my Hubby’s birthday.

Son’s birthday-July 9, 2017

My son Jedidaiah’s due date was my husband’s birthday, so when I started having contractions and my Hubby took me to the hospital, he begged the doctor to delay the birth. I laughed so hard especially when she said, “nope, there is nothing I can do; this baby is coming.” Hubby felt so hurt! However, this was one of the most memorable days in our lives as we welcomed our only son, who is nothing but a source of joy to us. To make his birthday special, we had an outdoor dino-themed party with friends and family. He had a blast and loved his very green vegan birthday cake.

Wedding Anniversary – July 19, 2015

Happy Anniversary to us two. Singing, “tomorrow will come and girl I can’t wait it’s our anniversary Anniversary. The first thing I’ll do is run straight to you it’s our anniversary” (Tony! Toni! Tone). By no means is marriage a walk in the park, but I am most thankful that we have been able to weather the storms of life together, with him being the roughest storm, haha. God has been incredible to us, so I have to give Him a shout-out. I believe that marriage comes to be with the love and union of two people who decides to take that step, but God is the glue to keeping it together. So many times, temper flares, personality clashes, and selfishness arise. However, our promise made to each other before God to be there for better or worst and knowing that our Creator blesses and sanctifies marriage while disapproves of divorce gives us the strength to keep going.

How it all began: before marriage
We took this picture at a church banquet a couple of years ago, and it is one of my favorite. I tweaked it a bit to capture this fabulous black and white effect. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Chances.
Can you identify the clown in this union?

July 20 – Hubby’s Birthday (Ewart)

Whoosh! where do I start with this guy right here. The word ‘special’ comes to mind when I think of this man. Funny enough, his sister would always say, “Ewart is special,” but I did not fully understand it until after marriage. What you see is what you get. He is one of the most honest and faithful men that I know. He is hardworking and willing to carry the burden of our family all on his own. He rarely complains about anything, likes to clown around, and is playful. On the flip side, he can be a pain in the rare, complicated, and real piece of work. However, under that rough exterior is a man with some excellent principles and one who has my back.

I want to wish him a happy birthday and pray that God will continue to bless him and manifest His purpose for his life.

My loves
This was off guard; he rarely takes pictures

Feel free to comment and stay blessed.


  1. Marcia kittson Avatar
    Marcia kittson

    Three celebration in the month of July and awaiting baby girl,that is really exciting!
    May God continue to give your son and your husband health and long life to celebrate more happy birthdays🎂🎊🎉
    I also prayed for continued blessing on your union of prosperity, love and happiness.
    Blessings beautiful🙏🏾💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very exciting indeed, thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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