The Power Of Positive Affirmation

Have you ever heard the expression, positive thoughts bring positive actions? Life is like the ocean; sometimes, it gets rough, and other times it is peaceful and beautiful. I prefer the latter, like most people do, because who wants to deal with rough seas daily? But yet, have you ever stopped to think that maybe the wild days are not as awful as we think and come along to develop our character further and shape us into life’s warriors so that we will be able to deal with situations that are pending, like some form of character-building or something of the sort. Well, I do!!! 

I am generally bad when it comes to challenges; I get frustrated, worry, and even wonder why it has to be me and not someone else. After all, I am trying to be the best person humanly possible, and everything terrible happens while some intentionally evil-minded people out there just floating through life with no care in the world for themselves and others. They are the ones who need to be snapped back into reality. And you know how dramatic we can get at times. 

But the truth is no matter how good we think we are, there is always room for improvement. And if something does not happen to show us our character defect, then we may never realize that we have one; hence we cannot change or adjust that defect. So now, should we not be positive in all situations, good or bad? So if we consider ourselves optimistic, should that not be in all cases and not just when things are good?

This week I have been thinking about my attitude when faced with difficulty. And I resolved that I need to be more positive and start affirming even when things seem unfavorable. This thought led to a conversation between my daughter and me, and she shared a TikTok video in which someone said that she had copied someone else by saying, “I am so lucky; everything works out for me.” As a result of that affirmation, something incredible happened to her. So we decided to have a more positive outlook in all situations. A day after, we were heading to the store when I shared with her a few things I would love to happen in my life. So we both said, “I am so blessed; everything works out for me,” keeping the positivity going, you all. That was that.

The Kind Stranger

No sooner were in the store when a gentleman walking past me in the aisle asked if I needed anything and that he would pay for it. Of course, I responded, no, thank you and thought it quite strange. He again asked me if I was sure, and I said yes. He then said, what about your son, I responded, no, thank you, he is okay. This friendly stranger was not giving up, so he asked my son if he needed anything. My son then looked at me and then back at him. I guess that he was just as confused as I was. He insisted again, so I told my son that it was okay and he could let the man know what he would like. So, of course, my son picked up the very thing he wanted, and I had said no earlier. As the gentleman took it and headed off toward the cashier, he shouted, ” Is there anything in this aisle you would like?” Of course, my son went over and picked up a stuffed animal. Right then, my eldest daughter walked back to where we were, and the man said does your daughter need anything for school or otherwise? My daughter responded instantly, taken aback by the question, “no, thank you.” Mommy trained her well, I thought to myself.

The gentleman turned to leave again for the cashier when I reminded my daughter that she was holding the two journals that we came to the store to purchase and suggested that she should have him pay for them. So she said, “wait, we had planned on buying these.” He was so happy to pay for them and headed to the cashier. 

Then it hit us both simultaneously; less than ten minutes ago, just before walking into the store, we had said, “I am so blessed, and everything works out for me.” Our mouths fell open in shock, and like two teenagers, we began jumping and screaming. Could that be why this perfect stranger appeared out of nowhere and randomly offered to buy whatever we wanted in the store? Was it a coincidence? Could it have worked so fast?

Whether you think our affirmation sparked this event or it was just a coincidence, I believe that being positive and optimistic is something we should all try to be. “So rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances; this is God’s will in Christ Jesus for you” (1st Thessalonians 5:16-18).

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