Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!

I came across a video on Facebook that I attached a link below for you to watch. In this video, Robert Hampton speaks about how he found out that he had stomach cancer and subsequently underwent surgery to remove his entire stomach. This disease runs in his family and has already taken the life ofContinue reading “Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!”

Suicide Is Not The Answer

Happy Tuesday, beloved. It is such a blessing to be among the living and share my thoughts on this platform with you. Itz Holistically Wholesome means so much to me, and I appreciate you. This post is quite random, but a recent video on Whatsapp of a girl who took her own life compelled meContinue reading “Suicide Is Not The Answer”

5 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and keep it off

I have always tried to be attentive about how and what I eat. Looking good, feeling great, and being healthy was my goal. I want to be in excellent shape and health. There was a time when I had lost focus and piled on a few extra pounds. I hated how it made me feel,Continue reading “5 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally and keep it off”