Six Months Post-Partum/How Its Going + Tips

Mi tiad! Mi tiad! Mi tiad! I am tired. So, friends, I have not done much updating about my postpartum journey, even though I had planned on doing one every month. There is much to talk about, and I thought other things were more important then, such as my mini-series, which I entitled “Matters of the Heart. ” Wait a minute, can I say “mini-series?” Anyways, I am pretty sure you understand what I am trying to say. So, I was saying I took the time to share a bit about the heart, being that it is Heart Health Months and heart disease has become a big problem among humans. In case you have missed it, check out my previous post for this month.

Additionally, here is the reason for those who may be wondering why I have not posted anything on ‘Black History Month.’ I do not believe a month is enough to celebrate black history. For me, every day is black history. Though I am black and strongly support recognizing black people who have made tremendous contributions to this world, I am more concerned about us as a people coming together in love and harmony. I need everyone to value each other irrespective of the color of our skin, where we are from, and our status in life. We are all of one race, the human race, created by one God; therefore, we must care for, respect, and celebrate each other daily. The past is bitter and painful, but we have the future, so let’s work on doing better for ourselves, our families, and the entire human race.

I am exactly six months postpartum today, and everything has been going fantastic for the most part. My family is healthy and doing great by God’s grace. Motherhood is no joke! I love it and would not want it any other way, but I feel drained some days. I do not get enough sleep between nursing exclusively, caring for my baby and my toddler son, being a wife, caring for myself, and caring for my home, which is a never-ending task because it always gets so messy, no matter how hard I try. I have to clean every day and pray for a day when I can wake up and straighten up a little.

Let me clarify: the postpartum journey is so different for everyone; this is just my experience. So let us get into it:

How is Baby Emmah-Rose doing?

Emmah-Rose is growing so fast; oh my gosh. She is already strong-willed, and I can tell she will be a force to reckon with. She is sitting up well and is now learning to hold onto things and stand, which is her favorite. She is very curious and likes to touch almost everything. However, her gum bothers her, so she bites down on anything she touches, even her brother. She prefers to play with the empty wipes packet, bottles, and other containers over her toys. By the way, why do babies do that? My eldest said, “toys are the biggest scam on parents’ pockets because babies/children do not care about them.” I think she has a good argument. Baby is also babbling a lot and is eager to talk. I wonder what she will say first, hmmm? Mamma would be lovely.

Now that she is six months old, she will officially eat foods other than just breast milk. I have been giving her a taste of things here and there, such as avocado, pumpkin, carrot, oatmeal, and apple, and she seems to enjoy it. In addition, she has finally started to drink water from a bottle. I must say that I am pretty excited about this stage because she is the first of my three kids who seem interested in other foods besides breastmilk. My son did not start eating only breast milk until he was a year old, and since he had refused to drink from a bottle, I had to breastfeed him all the time.


So after having a baby, the doctor usually says there should be no intimacy for six weeks. While most partners may feel excited about this, I do not follow that instruction. Six weeks is too soon for me, and I tend to listen to my body and how it feels. So while you may want to be considerate of your spouse, do not feel pressured to get back to intimacy unless you feel healed and ready. Your spouse loves you and can handle it; I am confident he wants his wife to be healthy and well.


I find that I feel exhausted on some days. I do not get enough sleep because my baby’s periods of sleep change ever so often. One moment she sleeps for a couple of hours at night; next, she sleeps more during the day and wakes up frequently at night. She also nurses a lot more at night. I find myself dosing off when I sit or try to read and study my bible. Only God because I do not know how to make it through and get things done otherwise.


Try not to worry too much about this ( I am also speaking to myself). It will happen in time, so be patient. Embrace, and love yourself because you did an unselfish thing by being the vessel that brings life into the world.


  1. Take it in strides – some days are more challenging than others, but you will get through. Just breathe.
  2.  Take a break – unfortunately, I do not get much of this, but whenever I drop my daughter at school, my baby sleeps, so I sit in the car a little and take a break.
  3.  Rest – If you are like me, you want to get everything done, especially when things seem out of place. I have been trying to rest lately because there will always be something to do.
  4.  Support – I wish I had more help, but I do not. My husband is not hands-on, and my parents live in another country. Therefore my support system is limited in terms of family. I am also very naive about who can watch my kids, so I do it all by myself. Whenever my daughter can, I ask her to watch the kids while I take a power nap. Gentlemen, support your wives as much as possible; it gets overwhelming.
  5.  Enjoy the moment – our little ones grow and change rapidly. So enjoy the moment while it last. Soon they will only be memories.

Now if you have any questions you would like to ask me, feel free to do so. Additionally, if you have any tips or comments, share them in the comment section.

God bless.

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