• Need the Motivation To Get Healthy? This Might Just Be For You!

    Need the Motivation To Get Healthy? This Might Just Be For You!

    I am so excited about 2023. This could be my best year yet, and it will be the same for you. There is something so refreshing about the newness surrounding me, and I am determined to have a far more positive outlook on life, and so should you. I am pretty sure that each of… Read more

  • How I Started The New Year

    I am so pumped and ready to take on all the new year has for me. Let me put some positive energy out there by saying that I anticipate nothing but better because “I am blessed, and everything works out for me in Jesus’ Name.” We all know that we love the newness of things,… Read more


    What is the greatest gift someone could give you? Read more

  • The Power Of Positive Affirmation

    Have you ever heard the expression, positive thoughts bring positive actions? Life is like the ocean; sometimes, it gets rough, and other times it is peaceful and beautiful. I prefer the latter, like most people do, because who wants to deal with rough seas daily? But yet, have you ever stopped to think that maybe… Read more

  • Let Us Challenge Ourselves To Worry Less About Things We Cannot Change

    Welcome to 2023!!!!! So just like that, it’s a brand new year, and we made it by God’s grace. Indeed, most of us are in the frame of mind where we want to start implementing those new years resolutions and see how best we can achieve them over the next three hundred and sixty-two days.… Read more

  • Year In Review & Happy New Year

    Wow me! It is still so crazy that another year is almost over; time sure flies. It seems as if everything is on speed dial, and we cannot do anything about it to slow it down, we have to either keep up or lag, and I am not for the latter, and neither should you.… Read more