Yummy Homemade Vegan Pizza

It has been a long time coming, and we finally did. We have not made homemade pizza in a long time and have planned to make one for months but never got around to it. Then finally, the perfect Friday came; everyone was home, we had all the ingredients and time, so there was no stopping us from having our pizza Friday.

The kids were so excited, and of course, my daughter wanted to spearhead the whole thing because this was right up her alley. She loves pizza and enjoys making these types of homemade delights. Earlier that day, she made the dough that rose so perfectly. I was very impressed with how well she made the dough, and I believe that a good pizza depends on the well-made dough.

When I say the pizza was well made, I am not exaggerating,. The kids had a whole small pie by themselves. It was simply delicious. The dough was well seasoned, and the garlic taste was divine. I recommend roasting an entire bulb of garlic with a bit of oil in the oven until soft and squishy, then squeeze into a container, add a little butter, salt, rosemary, and salt. Combine well and coat that pizza. You will love the taste.

I also love that my daughter decided to place cheese around the edge of the pizza before folding to make that thick crust at the end. It was like biting into cheesy bread.

We used Morning Star’s vegan Chorizo as the topping. Just toss into a skillet with a bit of onion and garlic powder, then drizzle onto the pizza. Salt is not necessary as it already contains enough. The Chorizo enhanced the look and taste of the pizza in a flavorful way.

Because I have two toddlers at home, we made two pizzas to avoid adding jalapeno to theirs. We also used less Chorizo and more cheese as a topping because it has a slightly spicy taste.

vegan Pizza

From my experience with making plant-based vegan pizza, I recommend using the mozzarella vegan cheese and forget the cheddar because it does not melt that well. My daughter did not want to add cheddar cheese, and I convinced her to ouch!!! However, that is okay, it’s a learning process, and there is always room for improvement.

If you are interested in a demonstration video on how my daughter and I made this delicious pizza, please leave a comment to let us know.

Blessings, and may God’s presence be you always.

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