My Journey From A Animal-based Diet To Plant-based Part 2

The idea of change became realistic to me each day, and I began to contemplate how I could go about doing so. In my heart, I felt that I not only needed to change my diet and break free from the toxicity all around. There were people and situations that I did not want toContinue reading “My Journey From A Animal-based Diet To Plant-based Part 2”

Yummy Homemade Vegan Pizza

It has been a long time coming, and we finally did. We have not made homemade pizza in a long time and have planned to make one for months but never got around to it. Then finally, the perfect Friday came; everyone was home, we had all the ingredients and time, so there was noContinue reading “Yummy Homemade Vegan Pizza”

Natural Health and Wellness Fair

This is not a usual post but I am so excited to announce that Itz Holistically Wholesome will be hosting a Natural Heath and Wellness Fair, accessible to the public. This venture is something that I have always wanted to do, and I am so delighted that it is finally happy. Health reformation is somethingContinue reading “Natural Health and Wellness Fair”