My Favorite At-Home Workouts

I love working out as much as I can. I also prefer to exercise in the early morning before I start my day because it does not often happen if I put it off for later. I usually exercise at home and run in the park or around my community whenever favorable weather is. Additionally, I would go out for walks to enjoy nature and soak up the fresh air.

However, there are those jam-packed days when I cannot find time to go for a run or walk. It could be that I have tonnes of school work, exams, errands, doctor appointments, as well as mommy duties. Other times could be because it rained heavily, snowed, or freezing outside. Other times I am plain outright lazy, procrastinate, and before I know it, the day has ended, and it is too dark out to exercise. I tend to do this a lot during the winter months. Finally, it could be that you have a gym membership and cannot make it to the gym on a given day.

So whether you work out at home, in the park, or at the gym, we all have these moments when something prevents us from staying on task.

Not to worry because all is not lost; there is always a solution. I do my workout at home anytime once I have the time. It tends to have some positives because I could just quickly do my exercise once there is free time. Here are three activities that I do at home anytime.

  1. Run – Yup, I sure do. It might seem strange, but you can run at home. Indeed, it may not run at the same speed as you are outside, but the critical thing is that you are getting it done. It could also be boring just running within a small area, but you can do this to make it more fun. Go to youtube, select one of the many at-home run workouts and follow along. You can also play your favorite music. I sometimes run up the staircase, through the hallway, kitchen, dining room, and back to the living room, where I work out most times. 
  2. Walk – If I do not feel like running or need to burn a little extra, I do some walking on the spot or throughout the house. Walking at home can be just as fun as walking outside. You can also pick it up a notch for an extra burn. Other times, I put on a youtube video and follow along. Watching other people working out keeps me going, and I will not stop until the video ends.
  3. Strength Training – I have a little box in my living room to keep my dumbells, kettlebells, flexibility bands, mats, and other small workout equipment. Whenever I am ready to do a routine, I do it right there in the open space in my living room. Sometimes I follow workout videos on youtube. 

As you can see, Youtube is my go-to place for fantastic workout videos. I also purchase a few workout challenges and programs from a few trainers. Fet your family involved as well. My son loves to exercise with me. So if you are serious about getting in shape and staying healthy, find something that works for you. There are so many videos that you can follow to help you stay motivated, and it will not cause you a dime except some of your time.

So until next time, remember; something is better than nothing at all.

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