Top Five Benefits of Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential not just for adults but for children as well. I often notice a parent taking steps to change the way they eat but continue to feed their children unhealthy foods. Good nutrition is necessary for current and future generations, young and old. So why not make it a family goal? ThereContinue reading “Top Five Benefits of Good Nutrition”

Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!

I came across a video on Facebook that I attached a link below for you to watch. In this video, Robert Hampton speaks about how he found out that he had stomach cancer and subsequently underwent surgery to remove his entire stomach. This disease runs in his family and has already taken the life ofContinue reading “Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!”

My Favorite At-Home Workouts

I love working out as much as I can. I also prefer to exercise in the early morning before I start my day because it does not often happen if I put it off for later. I usually exercise at home and run in the park or around my community whenever favorable weather is. Additionally,Continue reading “My Favorite At-Home Workouts”

Healthy Relationships Is Apart of a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you striving for an overall healthy existence but cannot seem to get along with your spouse, family members, self, and friends? Are you constantly fighting, angry, abused, or fearful? Are you in a relationship that is so toxic that you cannot even breathe at times, and you feel trapped? If this is your currentContinue reading “Healthy Relationships Is Apart of a Healthy Lifestyle”

Food? Rules? Proper Combination? Give me a Break!

Did you know that there are rules to how we should eat our meals? What if I tell you that you may not be combining your food the right way for optimal health and nutrition? I know; here goes the dreaded word, “rules” again. You probably feel that freedom is perhaps a figment of ourContinue reading “Food? Rules? Proper Combination? Give me a Break!”

Alkaline vs Acid-Forming Food

My journey to a healthier lifestyle has been exciting, surprising, and a little daunting. I was well aware that I would have to separate myself from some foods I enjoyed, but I did not know how much. When I started learning about alkaline and acid-forming foods, my response was, Lord, what will I eat? Lol.Continue reading “Alkaline vs Acid-Forming Food”

Five Reasons To Ditch Diet For A Lifestyle Change

A Diet is a quick fad or temporary change to your eating habit to achieve a specific outcome which is most commonly related to weight loss before going back to old habits. On the other hand, a lifestyle change involves a consistent and permanent effort to change one’s practices to promote long-term weight loss and good health.