People interested in leading a better lifestyle often struggle with how to go about doing so. And if you have ever been on a healthy journey, you know that it is not always fun and exciting. It can be hard when trying to break no good habits after practicing them for so long. So it is best to detoxify before moving toward this new phase as it cleanses and prepares the body for something different and better. People often ask what the best way to detoxify is, and if you did like me when I just started my journey and plugged this question into a search engine, the large number of solutions that popped up would make your head spin and leave you confused. There is just way too much that you may not know what is best for you. There are intermittent fasting, coffee enemas, cleansing programs, teas, and even pills that you can take, and mind you, nothing is wrong with this as some of these ideas, certainly not all, can be helpful.

However, the best way to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate your system is to refrain from putting toxins in your body! And the place to start is by looking at what you are eating. Unfortunately, we live in a time when so many obesity-causing, disease-causing foods loaded with chemical additives are available to us. What is most interesting is that everyone promises to be safe and healthy for us. Some go as far as to tell us that we will be okay with proper balance without even doing the necessary testing, and of course, we buy into this scam. Before we know it, we are food addicts; some even develop a disease.

Let me be the first to say that I have a few processed foods that I love to eat, and cutting back or letting go was not easy. After starting my plant-based journey, I remember that I would fall into the temptation of eating a snicker bar around my menstrual cycle, and I also love to snack on Cheetos. So to excuse my habit, I called them my cheat food, and, for a while, it settled my guilt. After that, it took me some time to get over it, but I am so happy I did. But even today, I still enjoy chips or other junk food, but I am careful not to overdo it. I especially have to be mindful because even though I eat only plant-based junk food, junk is junk, and the result will be the same if I become excessive. 

One of the best ways to detoxify your body is to avoid as much as possible junk or processed food by not eating out too much and significantly limiting or stopping the habit of bringing it into your home. My home has never really stocked with lots of junk food, but I had several. So what I did was stop buying it altogether when I went food shopping. I did not want it in my house and I especially did not like it around my children, twenty-four-seven. A phrase says, “out of sight, out of mind,” this could not be more true because since adopting this principle of not bringing too much junk into my home, my family and I have been able to limit our consumption.

Your environment must reflect those things in your best interest, and this means the type of food in your home, so limit or keep junk foods out of your home. It makes your journey manageable and more possible because you are not constantly swimming against the tide. For example, whenever I feel the need to eat chips, and I do at times, I buy just enough for the moment. I also give specific snacks to my children as treats, which helps to take their minds off wanting to eat them every day, especially my daughter, who had become a bit more accustomed to eating junk food than my son.

So if you have been contemplating eating better or have already started a healthy lifestyle journey but have been struggling because you still have junk or too many processed foods around, begin to get rid of them slowly. When you finally do, please do not bring them back. If you are worried about your kids, there is no need; they will gradually adapt to the new environment. When they see you eating healthy, they will be motivated to do the same.

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