Update: Itz All About My Princess’-My Baby Turned Two Months and Eldest is 18 Years Old Today

Time waits on no one, and that is no joke. My baby girl Emmah-Rose is officially two months old and thriving incredibly well. She is such a character, proving to everyone that no baby is the same. She may be the third child, but she is not about to be overshadowed by anyone. Little Miss started as a quiet and calm baby but somewhere along the way that changed, and she became a very interesting infant. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to make her needs known. So listen up, Girls are not always sugar and spice, and my Emmah-Rose has revealed that to me all too well.

How is she developing


Emmah-Rose is demanding. Holy Cow!!!!!! She has me marching up and down, day and night for hours, and none of us dear to stop or sit for a minute, or she will blow a gasket. But she loves being held and has gotten a bit spoiled.


She drools a lot and may have to start wearing bibs soon.


She is smiling, and a lot more, and her smile is the cutest.

Oral Stage

She has become obsessed with sucking or biting on her hands. She even tries to suck on our shoulders, hands, and anything she can get in her mouth. It seems as if she is trying to soothe her gum and may very well be in the early stage of teething.

Biting/Queezing – This is not fun for me. Babygirl is a biter and nips my nipple every chance she gets. I cautioned her about her practices and that the consequence may be early retirement from breastfeeding.


She is attentive and curious and can differentiate familiar voices from other sounds. She is so intrigued by her brother. She watches our mouths intensively as we talk and is fascinated by her siblings’ actions. Nosy is her hobby; she peers into our phones as if she understands what is happening.

Listening to Mommy Sing


Baby will be a talker, one of her favorite things to do. She enjoys having conversations and responding whenever we speak or sing to her.

Two Months Doctor Visit

In a few days, Emmah-Rose will attend her two-month wellness visit. I will update you on that at some point.

Mommy Update

As for me, I am doing great. I could do so with a bit more sleep, but hopefully, this will improve. Breastfeeding is going well, and I am producing a lot of milk, so the baby continues to be full and well-nourished.

My weight is slowly melting, and I have started exercising more. However, I still struggle with hunger pangs and find it difficult not to eat off schedule. Overall, I am trying to take it easy and enjoy life as it is now.

Birthday Shout-Out

My eldest and first daughter turns 18 today, and I am so thankful to God. She has blossomed into a remarkable young lady, and I pray that adulthood will be all she expected. 

Feel free to send her some love by wishing her a happy birthday.

5 responses to “Update: Itz All About My Princess’-My Baby Turned Two Months and Eldest is 18 Years Old Today”

  1. Happy birthday baby girl

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  2. My nieces are so beautiful.
    Happy Birthday Aliyah!! Aunty loves you❤


  3. bennettstephanie96 Avatar

    My nieces are so beautiful!
    Happy Birthday Aliyah!!🎊🎉 Aunty loves you❤

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  4. Motherhood is such a blessing!


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