When The Body Is Not Bodying Fast Enough

It has been almost five months since I gave birth, and things are not progressing as fast as I had anticipated. Indeed, I thought that I would have lost more than eighty percent of the weight I had gained throughout my pregnancy. But that is not the case; adipose is still lingering where it is no longer needed.

What makes it more difficult is the fact that it’s the cold season, and I tend to be incredibly lazy when it comes to exercising during this time. I am primarily sedentary and rarely venture outside for physical exercise. I also do not exercise as often as I want because things get in the way. As a result, I usually only manage to get two days of at-home workouts.

I also struggle to find time during the days as my baby’s schedule is inconsistent. One minute she seems to be taking longer between sleep and feeding and even go for hours; other times, they are much shorter, and she demands more attention. Interestingly, as soon as I begin to exercise, she wakes up, and I have to stop mid-way. I guess she is letting me know that it is about her and not so much about me right now, which is fine.

It also does not help that I do not get enough sleep; parenting is no joke. I am on a 24-hour shift with little or no relief. Consequently, I feel so burnt out that some days, I feel low in energy and have to scramble for a pick-me-up sea-moss smoothie, which helps. Aside from that, honestly, the only cure for tiredness is rest and lots of it, and this mama is working around the clock. Hence my body is out of wack.

So, of course, while I wanted to look snatched by my birthday, which is coming up in February, I have decided that though I am self-conscious about it, not stressed about my body right now. I don’t particularly appreciate it when people remind me how much bigger I am but what the heck? Someone will say it, so I try to deal with it. After all, people told me I was too skinny when I was on the other end of the weight scale. There is just no escaping it.

I no longer have aches and pains when I do my workouts here and there, and I am thankful. Since breastfeeding, I have been extremely mindful of my activities because I do not want my supply to be affected; my baby needs it. Heck, I am that person that chooses to take the healthiest and cheapest way out, so exclusively breastfeeding it is. While I am on the topic of breastfeeding, my milk supply is plenteous and my breast is twice their actual size. I feel that if I should lose weight in other areas too fast, I may look disproportionate. But, hey, the baby is happy, and therefore despite having extra pounds here and there, mommy is happy that she can share this rare moment with her little Rose.

You know what? Four months is still not a long time, and mama bear is not as young as before, so indeed, things are beginning to move a lot slower. I have also indulged my appetite here and there at times. So while my body is not quite bodying yet, I am a bit responsible for the delay and believe it will be as time progresses.

I am enjoying motherhood and my newest love. I will have to be patient, allow my body to adjust, and ultimately return to how it should be. It also humbles me, and having a bit more humility is a good thing. By the way, I am back on my healthy kick and will keep updating you as I go along.

God bless you, and thanks for reading my post. I am open to comments as well.

2 responses to “When The Body Is Not Bodying Fast Enough”

  1. You’re beautiful! it’s tough, but we gotta love our bodies through every process it goes through during pregnancy and postpartum 😊

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    1. You are so right! Thank you and right back at yah😊


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