Eight Laws of Health

What does being in good health mean to you? It means everything; it is the gateway to a healthier and happier life. I am impressed that more and more of us have realized that we must take our health into our own hands, especially with everything around us. As with many other famous things, there is also a health craze that comes with healthy living. Many companies and marketers try to tap into the market to maximize product sales and widen profit margins by offering endless products and services to help us in our quest for good health. Suddenly everyone knows the secret to excellent health and long life. Unfortunately, the market is so saturated that, at times, we do not know what is fake from what is real.
On top of that, they offer quick and instant results, which many of us are looking for because we are anxious to get it done fast. Consequently, our eagerness causes us to become quickly enticed into spending our hard-earned money to find that miracle product specific to our needs, one that will give us the results in the shortest time possible without much effort. This fad worked in some cases, and we got the desired result. Reaching our goals makes us feel happy, confident, and great about ourselves, but this is short-lived. After a time, we are back to square one; we begin to regain the weight we have lost and piled on even more. Although one’s pre-existing lifestyle disease may have even improved due to the weight loss, it returns to what it was before or even worse. Very few managed to keep it off. As a result, the thrill and confidence dissipate while frustration and a feeling of failure set in. Some of us even become severely depressed and resolved in our minds that achieving that desirable state of good health, and ideal body weight is just not in the cards. Consequently, we give up and continue with life as we know it.

What if I tell you that we can achieve optimal health by following eight principles of health, that it is cost-effective, so you do not have to worry about wasting your money? And what if I tell you that the results will be long-lasting? There is a catch, though, but WAIT. I can see you rolling your eyes and saying what a waste of time. Please do not stop reading; I promise this is not a fad. The catch is that it will require a change in mindset. It is not a quick fix; you can do it with patience, consistency, and deliberate effort. As you embark upon this incredible journey, you will begin to break bad habits, form new ones, and adopt a lifestyle that will benefit you. I hope I have gained your attention by now and you are still reading; I got you! This sister is about to give you some vital information.

Years ago, I learned about several health principles that I considered proper remedies to healthful living, known as “The Eight Laws of Health” by Ellen G. White, and by following these principles, one would benefit greatly. I was intrigued and decided I wanted to know more, so I read a few of her books and various writings. At that point in my life, I was open to new information and knowledge that could improve my life in a holistically wholesome way. I felt that it was rather timely and efficient, as well. Friends, since then, I have been trying my best to uphold these principles as much as possible. I cannot begin to tell you how beneficial this has been to me, and I am convinced that it would have been more valuable if I could follow them consistently, but as you know, life gets in the way. Today, I want to share these eight health laws with you, hoping that you may feel convinced enough and even begin to apply them to your everyday life. 

The Eight Laws of Health: Ellen G. White

  1. Nutrition – We must choose the most nutritious foods for our bodies; fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Prepare healthy and simple meals for you and your family. God told us what we ought to eat from the beginning for optimal health. Get back to it. He told us in Genesis 1:29, “I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruits yield seed; to you, it shall be for food.” A diet of natural fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables will keep you in good health and reverse certain lifestyle diseases.
Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

2. Exercise – exercise is essential. It helps to control your weight, reduce your risk of heart disease, helps to manage blood sugar and insulin levels, improve your skin, and so much more. Outdoor exercise is best; simply walking 30 minutes daily will be impactful. Exercising in the open air will give excellent and vigorous circulation as well.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

3. Water – We all heard the saying, “water is life.” This holds very true. Our body is made up of nearly 60 percent water. A person’s chances of surviving without water are less than if they had no food.  Water nourishes the body, eliminates waste and toxins, regulates body temperature, and dissolves minerals and nutrients. It is said that we must drink half our body weight in water. Let’s say that you are 100 pounds; to find your recommended daily intake you divide your total body weight by 2 (100/2=50). Hence, you should drink 50 ounces of water daily if you weigh 100 pounds.

Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

4. Sunlight – Sunlight is helpful to us; as much as possible, we are to let sunlight into our homes. It supplies the body with vitamin D and helps in personal health. This may be difficult for many of us living in colder climates. However, aim for at least three days a week for 30 minutes a day. Persons with darker complexion will require more.

Photo by Jennifer Moore on Pexels.com

5. Temperance – We must exercise self-control in all that we do. Do everything in moderation, as too much of anything can harm us. I know there is so much exciting food, drinks, delicious treats, and entertainment around us; yet we must exercise control; our health depends on it.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

6. Air – Breathing in the fresh air will fill the body with oxygen and purify the blood. As much as possible, we must ventilate our home by opening our windows and doors to let in the fresh air. Nothing unclean should be kept around our homes. This will make or air impure.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

7. Rest – Rest is vital to the body. It allows it to replenish and rejuvenate. It’s recommended that we sleep 8 hours daily, which seems unachievable for most of us. I must admit that this is one of my greatest struggles. However, as much as possible, try to get enough rest. Resting is not just sleeping but resting in God by putting away this life’s cares and burdens. 

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8. Trust in divine power – This is very important. As we embark upon these laws, we need divine ability to help us because we simply cannot do it alone. Since these are God’s health laws, he will supply us with all we need to make this much-needed lifestyle change. He plans to prosper and keep us in good health and promises to be with us every step. Without divine power, reforming our health will be a tedious and impossible task. Trust God; He is faithful.

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

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