Brown Stew Mushrooms with Rice & Peas

Happy Thursday and I trust that everything is cris and curry (Jamaican term which means I hope that you are well or okay). Today, I am featuring another interesting and delicious meal that I prepared for my family and let me tell you, there were no left overs. Growing up on the island of Jamaica, before transitioning to a plant-based diet, I used to enjoy our many flavorful dishes. I knew for a fact that I had to find a way to incorporate those island flavors into my new lifestyle while ensuring that it is healthful. Over the years, I have managed to achieve this real well.

For this meal, I used mushrooms and butter beans to make a sumptuous stew. I also added a few chopped white potatoes, carrot, Braggs liquid aminos, scallion, thyme, garlic, salt, and powdered seasoning to enhance the flavor and thickness. It is a great replacement for Jamaican oxtail and bean as well.

Additionally, I made rice and beans with brown rice, pigeon peas (gungo peas), coconut milk and added spices and herbs, salt, and a teaspoon of cane sugar.

To top it off, I made a large bowl of fresh vegetables, and just like that, dinner was ready.

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