Hubby Hunk Birthday + Watermelon Cooling’s

Hello there, it is Tuesday, yay! If you have been following this blog, then you know that it is time for another Summer cooling healthy drink to keep you refresh and nourished at the same time. Today’s post is a little different from other days because it is my hubby’s birthday, and I want to wish him a happy birthday and endless blessings for the future. So to honor him, I decided to make one of his favorite juice for the Summer Cooling series. The days are already scorching and humid, so what better way to keep my chocolatey birthday guy chilled and relaxed than with a tall glass of fresh watermelon juice. As the years go by, I grow to appreciate the changes, maturity, and person I see him becoming. Even his physical features are more striking and attractive; I guess I love the age and the grays.

Now back to our summer cooling for today. I love watermelon, and I ate them in abundance while growing up in the countryside in rural Jamaica. As a matter of fact, my dad planted watermelon; therefore, there was no limit to how much we could eat. In my dialect, I would say, “mi nyam melon until mi feel like mi gut ago buss.” Translated it means, I ate so much watermelon, and as a result, I felt as if my stomach was about to burst open. On the flip side, I have heard many people express that they do not enjoy eating watermelon and that there is something about the texture that they do not like. But I have news for those of you who really cannot stand to eat your watermelon, especially when they are loaded with the seed; you do not have to totally give it up. Let me pause here to say that seeded watermelons are the best to eat The difference between seeded and not seeded.  Also, try eating a few seeds because they are loaded with nutrients. The benefits of the seeds. Now, as I was saying, if you really hate eating watermelon, don’t be afraid to cut it up and make a delicious drink. I am sure you do not want to miss out on the goodness, right?

So without further a due, here is the recipe:

1/4 seeded watermelon

small piece ginger

1 lemon


You really do not have to add lemon or ginger but can juice and have as is. Now what are you waiting for, make that juice right now and see you next time on Summer Cooling’s.

chocolatey Hubby hunk

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