Six Steps To Positive Change/Habits

Changing our bad habits can be a difficult task. Yet, if we want to be better, we must do something. It is never okay to encourage or hold onto aspects of ourselves that negatively affect us and others. Change is hard but possible if we are determined enough and willing to make them. 

So you have identified your bad habit, and there might be several of them. I do not recommend you try to change these habits all at once; select one. Now take action. You can decide to do it for a day or a set period. The longer, the better the result.

Here are a few tips on how you can go about making positive changes in your lives.

  1. Remove Temptation: Getting rid of certain foods, activities, friendship and bad influences in your immediate surrounding lower your chances of regressing. For example, get rid of sugary foods if you are addicted to them. 
  2. Share your Commitment to change with others: Telling yourself that you will give up a bad habit is good, especially if you are strong-willed. However, sharing it with others will help you to be more accountable. You will also be more determined to do it when others look forward to you doing what you said you would.
  3. Form/Join a Team: Invite others to support you on your journey. If you have a family member or friend who also wants to make a few changes in their lives, you could start a challenge together. For example, you want to eat healthier or start exercising more. You can work out together or go on a healthy challenge.
  4. Spend time with those you want to emulate: One of the ways that I stay consistent is to watch, follow, read or talk to those I emulate. For example, as a reminder to keep healthy, I binge-watch the youtube program “Superfat vs. Super skinny. For some reason watching this makes me feel so disgusted about unhealthy eating habits, and as such, I stay away from them. Another example is since I want to be more consistent and prayerful to God, I would watch religious programs and listen to music that allows me to stay focused.
  5. Commit to your plan: Whether you choose to make a change for a day, week or month is excellent. Something is better than nothing. However, since it takes 21 days to break a habit, try going to a plan for that time or more. The results will be worthwhile.

6. Get Help: When you have tried all of the five steps above and are still finding it challenging to make the changes you need, get help. At the time, we all need an extra push or professional help to get through. Find an expert who can help you in the area where you are struggling. Never give up; hope is never lost. 

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