Delish Tofu-plantain-avocado Toast

I love to be creative in my kitchen, especially since my family gets bored with food repeated too often. There are so many things that you can create from a plant-based diet that is just as tasty and delicious. Sometimes the best meals are the ones that you did not plan. For example, you just happened to walk into your kitchen, noticed several food items, and decided to use what you found to create a sumptuous meal.

Well, some time ago, I walked into my kitchen after a long shift at work. I was exhausted but wanted to make breakfast for myself and my kids. My eyes first caught the two ripe plantains and a loaf of bread on my kitchen counter. Then when I opened the refrigerator in front of me was sir tofu himself. My kids love tofu and ripe plantains, and I just knew that I could put something simple and easy together quickly. So, I decided to make Tofu-plantain-avocado toast.

It was most delicious, filling and satisfying and I want to share it here for you to try:


1 ripe Avocado

1 Organic Tofu

2 ripe plantain

Oat bread (optional)


garlic powder

onion powder

cayenne pepper

turmeric powder


First, I drained, diced, and season tofu with garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, Himalayan pink salt, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. I allowed it to marinate for a few minutes.

I then added a bit of oil to the pot and tossed the tofu until I achieved the desired color—Cook time 10 minutes.

Next, I removed and placed avocado in a bowl and crushed it. I did not add anything else to it because the season from the tofu would be enough to bring out the flavors, and I did not want to make it too salty.

I then peeled, cut, and fried the ripe plantains ensuring that I used a small amount of olive oil to avoid making them too oily.

I Lightly toasted just enough bread for everyone, then added the avocado, fried plantain, and tofu.

Breakfast was ready. Overall it took about 30-40 minutes to be done. You can also have it for lunch.


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