Listen Up, Our Health Matters!!!!!

I came across a video on Facebook that I attached a link below for you to watch. In this video, Robert Hampton speaks about how he found out that he had stomach cancer and subsequently underwent surgery to remove his entire stomach. This disease runs in his family and has already taken the life of his mom and sister. He is not currently leading a plant-based lifestyle, and this video will show that. I want to clarify that even though this page embraces and encourages an entirely plant-based lifestyle, I believe that what he had to say is far more critical and can benefit all of us. Focus on the message. He also shares the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and tries to spread awareness so that we all can clean up our acts before it is too late.

We live in a society that has an abundant supply of food and mass promotions that embraces over-eating and unhealthy indulgences. Moreover, access to technology has made these harmful practices a global problem. Even countries developed or undeveloped is drawn into this crazy lifestyle and have begun to step away from eating predominately healthy foods. So now we have a global problem of health.

The United States is viewed by many as the land of the plenty. There is so much accessible to us that we over-indulge in almost everything, and in most cases, it is things that are not good for us. In recent times, there have been talks about a possible food crisis. Interestingly, many of us cannot wrap our heads around this notion because we still see so much eat and have so much in our lives. We have become indisciplined and out of control; therefore, we eat whatever we want; however, we choose until our bodies become so toxic. Then, a health issue or complication arises, leaving us with a dilemma. This access to excess is shortening our lives and our families, and it is time for us to WAKE UP!!!!

We are in a crisis as the health of so many is compromised due to unhealthy indulgence and misinformation. I agree that it can be somewhat nerve-racking as some people claiming to be experts in their field tell us to eat well, exercise, get proper rest, etc. But, on the other hand, we are told that we can eat whatever we want, we do not have to exercise, and still be healthy. All we have to do is take a particular pill or embark on a fad diet. And because we like the easy road, we, of course, chose the latter.

However, the reality is that “Our Health Matters!” How and what we eat plays a significant role in our lives; there is no going around that. Have you ever heard the term “garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)? I learned this term years ago when being introduced to computers for the first time, and it could not be more accurate. Our bodies are the same way, so if you make it your goal to feed your body with nutritious food and exercise regularly, you will reap positive results.
On the contrary, you will ultimately get negative results if you choose not to. I used the word ‘ultimately’ because many of us will not get sick instantly. Sickness and disease, at times, take a while to develop after constant abuse of our bodies. As a result, many of us feel that we are well and, therefore, there is no need to do better. So, we tell ourselves, why change anything when I feel fantastic? Life is good, and I am happy. But, unfortunately, as we get older, our body’s cleansing and defense machinery ages as well. It becomes overworked and cannot protect us anymore; after many years of consistent abuse, it stops working, resulting in sickness. Now your medication is your food!

We need to do our regular physicals with our doctors to know our current state of health. We know our family history and can trace the history of sicknesses and diseases plaguing our family members for generations. And if one does not know what they might be predisposed to, a health provider will have the ability to tell you through routine testing. Once we have this knowledge, the onus is on us to take the necessary corrective measures to prevent this sickness from manifesting in our future.

Our health is our wealth, and the sooner we believe that and begin to do right for ourselves, the better. Our number one priority is to eradicate or prevent diseases in our families. We can ensure this when we take care of our bodies and eat a diet filled with whole and nutritious foods; this is a step in the right direction. Our children’s future depends on it, and we must teach them to make healthier choices in every aspect of their lives. Another way is to live by example; children live what they learn. Do not wait for the worst to happen before deciding to make a change. Do not try to convince yourself that this or that will not happen to you. Instead, take charge of your health today to live a long, happy, and disease-free life.

Let your food be your medicine!

Click here to watch Robert Hampton’s Video

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