Up Your C’s with Citrus Medley Summer Cooling’s

I have had a blast sharing the summer cooling series here. Life cannot be better than drinking juices and smoothies that you enjoy due to their rich, natural taste while being nourished while doing so. What an excellent way to keep a healthy body and mind need. This week’s featured juice is my “Citrus MedleyContinue reading “Up Your C’s with Citrus Medley Summer Cooling’s”


What an exciting time in the lives of the Chance Family. We have had a predominantly wonderful time with this pregnancy, and we are beyond excited about expanding our little family. Life is not always a bunch of roses, but it is incredible when it throws you a rose. We cannot wait for the babyContinue reading “WE ARE HAVING A…..!!!! GENDER REVEAL”


High School graduation is an important and unforgettable time in an individual’s life and family. It signifies their transition into adulthood and symbolizes the result of their hard work, discipline, and commitment to making it to this critical juncture. They have every right to be proud of their accomplishments. My daughter is only seventeen andContinue reading “SHE DID IT!!! HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION 2022”

Five Reasons Why You Should Eat Mulberries

Whenever I think of mulberries, the nursery rhymes “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” and “All Around the Mulberry Bush” comes to mind,” comes to mind. The lyrics are also pretty catchy; I will post the videos at the end just in case you are unfamiliar with it. How I learned about Mulberries SeveralContinue reading “Five Reasons Why You Should Eat Mulberries”

My First Born Is Almost An Adult/PROM

For that matter, motherhood and being a parent is such a humbling and fulfilling experience. I had my daughter in my early twenties, and while she came as a surprise, I quickly made light of my new reality and slowly eased into my role as a mother. After all, she was on her way whetherContinue reading “My First Born Is Almost An Adult/PROM”

Top Five Benefits of Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential not just for adults but for children as well. I often notice a parent taking steps to change the way they eat but continue to feed their children unhealthy foods. Good nutrition is necessary for current and future generations, young and old. So why not make it a family goal? ThereContinue reading “Top Five Benefits of Good Nutrition”

My Journey From A Animal-based Diet To Plant-based Part 2

The idea of change became realistic to me each day, and I began to contemplate how I could go about doing so. In my heart, I felt that I not only needed to change my diet and break free from the toxicity all around. There were people and situations that I did not want toContinue reading “My Journey From A Animal-based Diet To Plant-based Part 2”

My Journey From A Animal-based Diet To Plant-based Part 1

Have you ever heard someone say, “easier said than done”? This simple expression is so true, and I am a living testimony. It is so hard to do the right and good things for us in most instances, even though we tell ourselves that we will do it. I have always wanted to practice aContinue reading “My Journey From A Animal-based Diet To Plant-based Part 1”

What’s Bumping??? 25 Weeks Pregnant and Counting

I am so happy with the way my pregnancy has been going lately. I am especially delighted that most of the awful pregnancy symptoms are long behind me, and now I can enjoy this journey. My family and I are anxiously looking forward to the birth of the newest member of our family, and theyContinue reading “What’s Bumping??? 25 Weeks Pregnant and Counting”


People interested in leading a better lifestyle often struggle with how to go about doing so. And if you have ever been on a healthy journey, you know that it is not always fun and exciting. It can be hard when trying to break no good habits after practicing them for so long. So itContinue reading “LIMIT OR KEEP JUNK FOODS OUT OF YOUR HOME!”